Come and fulfill your dream of being “one” with Horses in mind, body, and soul!

A Tailored Equestrian Apprenticeship Program

Caroline Volandt-Beste's Apprenticeship Program is tailored to meet the individual needs and nature of both horses and people. Her Taoist approach provides the mindset, space, and learning environment for individuals to feel safe while shifting their consciousness and expanding their inner spirituality, relationships, self-power, and personal performance.


Enhance Your Connection With Horses

No matter where you are in your horsemanship, the Tao of Horsemanship™ approach will enhance your ability to connect and communicate with horses more deeply, consistently, and easily. This approach to Being and doing with horses begins within us first by bringing awareness to the following core elements necessary to mastering ourselves and our horsemanship: being conscious, aware, and present within and around us; understanding and manifesting the power of our personal energy and emotions; and understanding and manifesting the language of the horse through clear and congruent mind/body integration.

Learn an Intuitive Approach to Horsemanship

Whether working with your own horse, or with Caroline's school masters, you will have the opportunity to learn her intuitive approach and modalities to mastering yourself and your horsemanship. Modalities include, but are not limited to:

Personal Development and Growth

  • Creating a lifestyle where openness, awareness, presence, and participation are required

  • Developing deeper horse-human bonds and relationship building skills

  • Developing keener sensory awareness and intuitive skills

  • Understanding and implementing the power of your intention and chakra energies to create the foundation for ease, calm, relaxation, and safety

  • Developing emotional agility, confidence, and trust

  • Creating and managing the space where connection, communication, learning, and teaching takes place

  • Developing the balance between love, partnership, and leadership when Being and doing

  • Creating harmony, flow, and oneness with your horse - riding as one in mind, body, and soul

  • Developing peak athleticism, performance, and mind-body agility


Tao of Horsemanship Awareness and Skill Sets

  • Understanding of Tao of Horsemanship's core principles of horsemanship and personal awareness: the power of intention, position, and movement

  • Expanding your relationship with horses while developing your horsemanship skills: combining our intuitive and heart-felt approach, with technique, to connecting and communicating when working with horses

  • Reading and understanding body language within you and your horse and how to identify congruent and incongruent mind/body messages

  • Creating a deeper consensual and co-creative partnership between you and your horse

  • Developing a deeper understanding of intention and movement through energy connection (chakra systems) while engaging in ground exercises with horses - master teachers of mindfulness and sensory awareness

  • Understanding mind/body energy and how it relates to both communicating and strengthening boundaries - how to use them appropriately when communicating with horses and humans

  • Promoting more health and well-being for both horses and humans through mind/body synergy and healing techniques

  • Mind/body synergy and development

  • Classical Dressage and Art of Horsemanship principles and training – from ground to riding

Mastering Ourselves and Horsemanship

Meeting our horses (knowing where you need to be at any given time) and proving we are worthy of both partnership and leadership are two core ingredients to mastering ourselves and our horsemanship. Both attributes are often challenging as they ask us to tune in, become more aware and less resistant to change - changing ways of being and perceiving that we have accepted as truth without question. When we begin to shift, questioning the old and allowing the new, our horses can facilitate our growth, helping us depart from what no longer serves us well. Simply put, our horses are amazing guides (and teachers) to interpersonal enlightenment, self-awareness, and personal growth.

Creating a Deeper Connection with Horses

Caroline's systematic training begins with liberty and round pen practices. This is where the space is created for deeper connection, communication, relationship building, and joyful partnership. Caroline’s method teaches you to listen more carefully, read and understand what your horse is saying, and ultimately communicate on a level that is emotionally fulfilling and enriching to both the relationship and the work you do together. Once you’ve developed consistent unity at liberty, you will move into specific liberty and online/ground exercises that will develop the lunge for balance, self-carriage, and collection – emotional and physical collection. The ground work foundation builds Caroline’s mind-body and soul foundation and her famous “pick me up” at the mounting block. Once given permission by your horse to mount, you will learn Caroline’s method of Riding as One® and her style of Classical Dressage, Pleasure Dressage®.

Apprenticeship Modules

Apprenticeships begin with a three-month study, starting with Module I.

We are committed to assisting you in your personal growth and horsemanship during your journey here with us. Your progress here at our facility will ultimately depend on you - your attitude, commitment, and learning patterns. In addition, understanding horses (what motivates them) and training horses is challenging! Unconditional patience, time, desire, and keen observation skills will be required.

Joining as One Module I* – Basic Training 
This module includes, and is not limited to, the following foundational areas: liberty in the round pen, lunging with collection and self-carriage, biomechanics, bareback and balanced riding, relaxation and rhythm in movement, suppling, light hands, and light contact.

Level 1: Liberty
Level 2: Online & Lunging
Level 3: Riding Freestyle
Level 4: Riding with Balance & Contact

Joining as One Module II – Intermediate Training 
Module II includes, and is not limited to, building upon the Module I foundation. In this module we further develop, nurture, and problem-solve the following areas: liberty outside the round pen, lunging with balance, self-carriage and collection, biomechanics, bareback and balanced riding, beginning of developing collection and elasticity in movement and within transitions and gaits.


Level 1: Liberty
Level 2: Online & Lunging
Level 3: Riding Freestyle
Level 4: Riding with Balance, Collection, & Contact

Joining as One Module III – Advanced/Specialty Training 
Module III includes, and is not limited to, building upon the Module II foundation. In this module we further develop, nurture, problem-solve, and refine the following areas: liberty anywhere, lunging with collection and self-carriage at liberty, riding bareback and bridle-less, further developing collection and elasticity in movement and within transitions and gaits, developing upper level dressage maneuvers.

Level 1: Liberty
Level 2: Online & Lunging
Level 3: Riding Freestyle
Level 4: Riding with Balance, Collection & Contact


*Prerequisite: Purchase of Tao of Horsemanship DVD Series, Volumes I and II (Click here to purchase).


Please contact infoRH@riderhorsemanship.com for full-time and part-time costs, as well as additional program details.

12+ Month Specialty Apprenticeship Program
Advanced and/or Specialty Training


This is for the student who wants to specialize in a specific area of horsemanship or a higher level of expertise such as rehabilitation and restoration, foundation, or performance. Students are required to begin with a six-month, full-time apprenticeship program followed by a six-month working student apprenticeship position. The six-month working student position requires a weekly lesson program with review. Weekly lessons are additional to full or part-time costs.

Areas of specialization include:

  • Imprinting and Young Horse Development (birth to 3 years)

  • Starting Horses & Horse Development (begins at 3 years)

  • Foundation Training for the following disciplines: Classical Dressage, Western Dressage, Reining, Show Hunter, and Obstacle Course & Trail Training

  • Re-Starting Horse: Rescue, Rehab, & Restoration and includes Equine Psychology, Behavior, and Problem Solving

  • Pleasure Dressage: Classical Dressage Training Pyramid & Principles

  • Liberty and Performance

  • Bridle-less and Performance