This masterclass gives you the ability to join Caroline from the comfort of your home as a listener and/or a participant. Caroline will be providing a classroom environment where you will be learning her training secrets through powerpoint, group questions and discussion. 

Masterclasses By Caroline Beste

Art of Lunging Masterclass


Groundbreaking Masterclass! How to create self-carriage, balance & collection easily & naturally with your horse.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022


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My masterclass is for every level rider, trainer, and instructor. Whether you’re a beginner who needs to learn the building blocks, or a seasoned equestrian looking for a better way to develop your horse’s ability to balance their emotions and movement – this class will show you how to get started and so much more.


Are you tired of traditional lunging systems that don’t feel right, don’t make sense, are too complicated, or worse hurt your horse?


Does your horse hate lunging? Are they afraid of the whip, the round pen and line-lunging?


Do they speed up, buck, spin around and kick out when you are free-lunging or line-lunging? Or, maybe they freeze, completely shutting down when you ask them to move?


Have you been told that you should always lunge your horse before you ride and especially if they are full of energy?


Most of you have been taught to use the Pessoa, tie-downs, side-reins, Cavessons, Surcingle’s, neck stretchers, lunge lines, and leg wraps. Did you know they are not necessary and detrimental to your horse’s ability to move freely, naturally, and correctly?


If you said YES, this masterclass is for you!


What You Will Learn

  • Why lunging is an art form and should combine expression with sequences of movement.

  • What the great masters of classical horsemanship knew and how they developed horses with building blocks, understanding and respect.

  • Demystify the common lunging practices and why they don’t work for your horse.

  • 4 key building blocks every horse and rider needs to know to develop movement easily, without stress, naturally for the horse and progressively.

  • How to use evidence-based research about the horse’s nervous system to help your horse self-regulate and keep them from going into self-preservation modes of flight, fight and freeze.

  • How slow, steady, and progressive works best for your horse and takes the stress and confusion out of the learning.

  • How to simplify a biomechanically complicated process.

  • How my lunging method can teach you how to ride the movement. 

  • How to work with the power of intention, energy awareness, position, and movement to connect, align and synchronize – become one in movement.

  • How to fix common and complex challenges.

  • And, so much more!

What You Can Expect

  • ​Live Q&A where we will be able to see one another and ask questions

  • First 30 minutes dedicated to powerpoint discussion, classroom and teaching 

  • A clear idea on developing horses holistically and biomechanically with ease, flow, relationship, energy, and connection.

  •  A worksheet that outlines the discussion points and gives you space to take notes

  • 1.5 hours of Q&A


We are Taking Questions!

You can submit questions beforehand or during the live Q&A. Questions will be answered first come, first served. If you submit questions via email they will only be answered if you are attending. Please click here to submit your question or wait and ask live!

Don't miss Caroline's web classes! In each web class you will dive into compelling and unique information on every subject from starting colts to solving age-old problems. Caroline has a gift of getting to the root of the problem, then providing solutions that are unique, common sense and yet very profound. You'll learn about how to collaborate, rather than use force and resistance with your horse.


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Caroline Beste, founder of my World-class Mastery Membership Riding Foundation Program and Tao of Horsemanship Academy courses. 

I am a lifelong equestrian of varying disciplines, and a practicing Taoist. Through my experience and education, I have developed an enlightening, and proven, training method for horses and humans that combines the principles and teachings of the great masters of Classical Horsemanship, Taoism and Tai Chi.

My desire to share the success of my learning inspired me to become an international clinician, presenting with my horses at many of the national equine expos from 2009-2015. From there I became a Working Equitation Instructor, a horse-human relationship expert and horse specialist, with a concentration in behavior, psychology, rehabilitation, and foundation.

I continue to teach what I know, inspiring people to learn how to interact and work together with their horse through mindfulness, relationship, and consensual partnership training. 

Through my compassionate, holistic, and proven training system, I have helped thousands of students and horses achieve the most enriching and rewarding relationship and partnership. 

It’s your turn now! Let me help you achieve the relationship and ride of your dreams with your horse today!

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