Becoming Attuned

Being attuned means to bring into harmony, flow and awareness. When people and horses are attuned they are emotionally aware, balanced and in harmony within and with life around them. This means they are emotionally at ease, confident and flexible. I also refer to this as a state of Being emotionally agile. 

One of the secrets to achieving this zen-like way of feeling and living is again through rhythm and energy balance. See, both horses and people get stuck emotionally. When a horse has a bad experience, like humans, they become stressed and if the negative experience is repeated they instinctively select a self-preservation mode of freeze, fight or flight to cope. At this stage, the self-preservation modes become coping mechanisms and behaviors designed to help them feel better – this doesn’t mean however that either is best or healthy. 

The energy practices and rhythmic exercises help re-balance the natural chemicals and hormones that are released when horses and people feel stressed, thus re-balance their emotions.