Beginner Rider Series


FREE ONLINE RIDING WORKSHOP from the Beginner Rider Course

Ride Naturally & Effortlessly with Your Horse through
Mind-Body Connection Techniques & Exercises

Over the years I have discovered what’s missing in today’s riding lessons and training systems, and I am now here to share my knowledge and secrets to truly safe and successful riding with you!

This course offers a unique and masterful approach to riding called Riding as One™, focusing on the mind-body connection and effortless flow between horse and rider in movement.

The teachings found within the lessons follow the principles of classical riding and combine them with the practices of Tai Chi, a mind-body practice that involves a series of slow, flowing exercises that combine movement, mindfulness, and rhythmic breathing.

If you’re tired of complex riding techniques, mind-numbing mechanics and excessive aids, this course will liberate both you and your horse, giving you the freedom, flexibility and finesse to ride like a pro!

Join me in my free masterclass workshop and learn everything you need to know to ride consciously, mindfully, and naturally with your horse.