~being intuitive~

being intuitive

Horses on the other hand are all about instinct and intuition. Because they are masters of sensory awareness and sensory processing (this is proven scientific research) they don’t question how they feel about a situation because they are designed to listen and trust their instincts and intuition - how they feel. This it is what determines life or death. 


How horses feel gives them the opportunity to properly assess a situation, person or thing and determine whether it is safe or comfortable enough for them to engage on an emotional (relationship), mental (thinking) or physical level. When we are not clear, congruent and honest (authentic) about who we are and what we want when in the presence of horses, they are quick to let us know by avoiding us or showing us through behavior how uncomfortable they feel around us.

This is where Caroline’s teachings can assist in developing the human so they can connect and communicate with their horse in an authentic, intuitive, clear and congruent way.

Caroline’s ground work foundation is based on developing authentic power within –intentionally, emotionally, and energetically. This honesty, paired with being clear, congruent, and consistent (showing up the same), is what builds trust and respect and gives us leadership with our horses. Once we congruently embody our intention (focus and purpose), we are ready to ride fluidly and in harmony with our horses. Fluidity is about flow and being in harmony with movement. Understanding how to use our internal powerhouse of energies is where we begin engaging our bodies and in a way that speaks horse – the language of non-verbal communication – the language of equus.