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Learn to Ride Naturally & Effortlessly with Your Horse through Mind-Body Connection Techniques & Exercises.
Take the mystery out of learning how to ride like a professional with mind-body awareness and skill-building techniques.
A systematic and common-sense approach to becoming an effective, clear, and confident rider. Balanced riding tips, concepts & techniques simply explained – great for any level rider and horse.
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About This Course

A revolutionary approach to riding naturally, intuitively, and in true partnership with your horse.

“I love this course and Caroline’s teaching style. Caroline has an amazing way of breaking down and simplifying complex riding concepts and techniques. I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride well and feel confident and Caroline’s course has been able to help me reach those goals. Her course is also designed to teach you how to re-train your horse. I have two horses, a gaited horse and a non-gaited, and I’ve been looking for riding instruction that works for any horse and these exercises work perfectly for both.
I just can’t say enough about her teaching style and this course! It’s a dream come true learning how to feel balanced, confident and safe riding bitless and with a bareback pad.”
Jeaneen Crisante

Learn where to begin, and master the art of riding, using a common-sense, intuitive, and natural process.  

Over the years I’ve discovered what’s missing in today’s riding instruction and developed a course that will share all of my knowledge and secrets to successful riding with you!

By combining the principles of the great masters in classical riding and the mind-body awareness of Tai Chi, I will teach you how to ride naturally, intuitively, and as one with your horse in mind and movement.


No other course teaches this way of riding! This is what makes my teaching method so unique, revolutionary and the #1 proven success and inspiration with thousands of students world-wide.

Throughout my years of teaching thousands of riders and horses, I have found four common issues all riders share:

  • Lack a solid foundation in riding;

  • Micromanaging their horse’s movement vs riding with the movement; 

  • Use of excessive aids; and

  • Have disconnected, unhappy and unsafe horses.


Learn how to create a strong connection and effortless communication with your horse and feel safe and confident while you ride.


Hi, I am Caroline Beste, your instructor and founder of this course and the Tao of Horsemanship Online Training Academy. I am a world-renowned educator, horse specialist and inspiration to millions of riders world-wide.


No more kicking to go, pulling to whoa, yanking or feeling frustrated.


The great masters of classical riding and horsemanship understood the importance of a horse and rider’s education. They placed great emphasis on teaching the essential building blocks needed to develop a solid and well-rounded riding foundation.


Time combined with correct education is what creates the foundation needed to ride, safely, naturally, and well. This course will teach you how, providing detailed and easy to follow step-by-step lessons, so you too can learn how to ride like a pro – effortlessly, naturally, balanced, and best of all, bareback and bitless.


Each lesson is carefully designed to assist in teaching you how to use your mind and your body to connect and clearly communicate your requests, eliminating the need to use excessive force, aids or excessive equipment for support and confidence.


Learning to ride bareback is the truest and most natural way to learn how to ride. This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about riding bareback with an independent, balanced, and centered seat.


While I recommend learning how to ride in a bareback pad, your safety comes first so no worries if you or your horse are not ready yet. Everything you learn in this course can be applied to riding in any saddle.


Learning how to ride bitless is best for your horse and easier than you think when you have the right training to help you transition from bitted to bitless. This course covers it all and will help you every step of the way.


By applying the techniques provided in the lessons, you will learn the following:

  • How to ride well and with confidence; and

  • How to be the best rider for your horse; and

  • How to develop a happy and responsive riding partner in your horse.


While you are learning, you will also be working on improving your horse’s level of connection, response, and trust in you, creating a happy, and connected riding partner.


During this process you will become closer than ever before with your horse as you Ride as One™ and in true partnership.

About Your Instructor


Caroline Beste is internationally known for her intuitive and natural approach to rehabilitating horses and teaching riders how to be one and ride as one with their horses.

Caroline’s experience working with thousands of horses and riders motivated her to create a more simplified, yet dynamic method of teaching riders and training horses called the Tao of Horsemanship. 

The Tao of Horsemanship combines classical riding principles with a Taoist philosophy, helping horse owners achieve the relationship and ride of their dreams with their horse.

Like the great masters of classical horsemanship, Caroline develops the horse’s movement and self-carriage before the rider rides the movement. This ensures the horse is well prepared as an athlete, equipped both mentally and physically to engage in a way that supports soundness, creates ease and enjoyment.

What sets Caroline apart from all other instructors is her ability to teach a natural and intuitive way of riding, called Riding as One™.

Riding as One™ teaches riders how to use mind-body awareness, energy awareness, and riding biomechanics, to ride naturally, intuitively, and effortlessly with their horses. 


Here is What You Receive 


Your Course Includes:

  • Over 50 hours of instructional video lessons covering every aspect of learning how to ride naturally, effortlessly and confidently;

  • 29 specific step-by-step, instructional lessons, beginning with mounting to cantering and everything in-between; 

  • Expert instruction, layers of knowledge, skill building techniques and trouble-shooting strategies 


Your Bonuses Include:

  • 84-page study guide and tutorial

  • How to Transition into Bitless Course

  • Saddle & Bareback Pad Fitting Course

  • Riding as One 2-Day Clinic – unedited

  • Private Facebook Community & Monthly Live Q&A Webinars



All materials are accessible immediately and available for you to watch, at your own pace. You have Lifetime Access to this course too – it never expires!

Join the Beginner Rider Course Today and learn how to ride like a Pro!

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