Clinics & Workshops

Why Choose a Clinic of Caroline's?
  • Maybe it’s to learn how to develop a more fulfilling relationship and partnership with your horse?

  • Maybe it’s to learn how to ride bit-less and bareback, safely and in balance?

  • Perhaps you want to understand your horse better and resolve challenges?

  • Maybe you want to refine your horsemanship skills, develop a better feel and timing with your aids?

  • If you answered yes to one, or all, of these, Caroline’s workshops and clinics are for you!

The goal of Caroline workshops and clinics are to connect you and your horse more deeply to the work by developing deep and fulfilling relationships and partnerships.

Caroline brings a lifetime study and experience with horses and is an expert in foundation training with a specialization in equine psychology and behavior.

Caroline combines her knowledge as an equine behavior specialist with her extensive background in balanced riding, providing a well-rounded approach that addresses both horse/human psychology and horse/human biomechanics.

What's Included in a Clinic?

Caroline's teaching style includes outdoor classroom time where she covers the principles, theory, science and experience of the material covered in the clinic course. Handouts and videos may be used to further explain the material being covered.


Group Instruction
Caroline keeps her clinics small, ranging from 4-6 students.  Students will experience the benefits of community, group and personal immersion and one-on-one coaching and instruction with Caroline.


Private Instruction
One-on-one coaching is provided throughout the group clinic.  


Caroline demonstrates, how the exercise should look, with either one of her horses or a student’s horse. This helps to train the student’s eye so they know what to work towards.


Simulation Exercises
Simulation exercises provide an opportunity to practice skills with each other, building competence and confidence.


Group discussions are important to the learning process and encourage students to share in experiences. Caroline will bring up certain aspects of the work and learning process throughout the group instruction, promoting group discussion.


Study Guides
All but the Private Lesson clinic come with study guides or workbooks.

Daily Itinerary

Clinics begin 9am sharp in designated area and run until 5pm, with a 1-2 hour lunch break. Caroline gives a lot of information and problem-solving tips throughout the day and recommends brining a notebook for classroom time and for taking notes in general. 

The following is included in all clinics and workshops:

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Intuitive Workshop for Women and Horses, Levels I-III
A mindful approach to working with horses that teaches self-discovery, personal empowerment and self-fulfillment

Please click here for more details on the types of personal developmental programs and services Caroline and her horses can provide.

This 3-day "experiential" workshop will change your life forever! 

Spend a phenomenal 3 days with Intuitive Practitioner, Caroline Beste, and her herd as they teach a way of Being, connecting and communicating through the power of mind-body-heart connection, alignment and synergy called Chakra Conscious®. 

Horses are masters of sensory awareness and emotional intelligence. These innate qualities allow them to live a life that resonates with clarity, balance, intuitive presence and consciousness. We can learn so much from them if we just slow down, center ourselves and listen with our hearts, our eyes and our bodies. This workshop will not only help you develop a deeper sense of self, it will develop your self-awareness and purpose, giving you the tools to release past trauma, heal old wounds, get in touch with your personal power and fulfill your potential. 


Caroline and her school masters will teach specific mind-body practices that will assist in developing a deeper intuitive consciousness within you and between you and your chosen horse. This level of consciousness is called Chakra Conscious®. Chakra Conscious® is the most amazing and powerful gateway to discovering and nurturing a deeper understanding of one’s self, way of Being, living and connecting to the world around you.


Participants can expect group discussions and participation, demonstrations by Caroline and her horses, one-on-one training and instruction with the horses, personal coaching sessions and community of trust, love and like-mind.


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Participant Cost: $1,500/participant.  Click here to book

Workshop participation includes: Caroline's Intuitive Workbook containing 60+ pages dedicated to personal development, the horse-human bond, connection and training; working with Caroline’s personal school masters; housing, meals, refreshments, wine and phenomenal sunsets are also included! 

No horse experience necessary to participate as this workshop is all about you!

Maximum of four participants.  No Auditing

Please visit the following pages for more information on the areas covered within this workshop:
Energy & Healing  Click here
HeartMath  Click here
Chakra Conscious®  Click here

NOTE: We offer two workshops that are similar. The Intuitive Workshop is very personal, layered and designed to work on you. This is where Caroline’s personal horses, or school masters, are best suited to help co-facilitate the learning process. This also ensures you maximize your learning potential.


The second workshop is the Relationship Building Workshop. We recommend bringing your own horse to this workshop so we can work on your relationship with your horse.

Here is what one of our Intuitive Workshop participants had to say about her experience.. check it out! 

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Liberty Clinics with Caroline*
Taking the Relationship with Your Horse to a Whole New Level!

Liberty Clinic, Level I: Foundation Training

This 2-day clinic teaches you how to develop a solid foundation with your horse through relationship, leadership and energy practices. This clinic is also a pre-requisite for any of Caroline’s advanced liberty clinics with horses.

This 2-day clinic is the foundation of Caroline’s work and where she begins with horses and people. This clinic is for any breed, age, education and discipline and is the best way to begin your horse’s training or enhance your existing relationship. 


Learning how to train a liberty horse provides endless opportunities for a deep and fulfilling connection and takes your relationship with your horse to a whole new level. Caroline’s liberty training is not just about working with horses freely either. Her liberty training clinics are the pathway to developing upper level movements in your horse such as the piaffe, levade, shoulder-in and bridleless riding. 

Caroline teaches specific exercises that merge the worlds of art, science and equine psychology. You will learn the following:

  • Equine psychology, behavior and your horse’s nature so you can work with them more easily

  • Equine biomechanics, anatomy and asymmetry so we can understand how your horse is traveling correctly, or not and develop proper strength and balance 

  • How to develop a deeper connection and communication with your horse

  • How to become more mindful, sensory aware and present

  • How to develop better trust, confidence and rapport

  • How to use the power of your mind, body and movement to communicate effectively

  • How to use the space of the round pen correctly (no chasing horses😊)

  • How to embody energy and work with energy

  • How to free lunge and guide your horse’s body

  • How to use a lunge whip correctly as a communication tool and not for punishment

  • Problem solving strategies for common problems you will encounter 

  • And, so much more!


Participation costs includes lunch, beverages and study guide. Maximum of 6 participants allowed. A round pen is required for optimal setting and best results. 



Participation Costs for 2-days:  Click here to book
$550 (In-State/FL center)
$650 (Out-of-State/your location)


Auditor Cost:  Click here to pay online
$30/day, $50 for 2 days. 

Horse Lease: Click here to pay online


Paddock Rental: Click here to pay online

$25/night self-care


Stall Rental (is limited): Click here to pay online

$40/night self-care

Coggins and health certificate required if traveling from out-of-state. Coggins is required for all in-state horses.


Caroline travels for liberty clinics so please contact her directly should you be interested in participating or hosting a clinic:

*This clinic is not for horses who are: afraid of the round pen, lunge whips or who have experienced trauma. If your horse is exhibiting extreme challenges with the work, you will be asked to leave, with no reimbursement. Extreme challenges and difficulty include and are not limited to: cannot connect and races around, runs from the lunge whip, acts defensive and/or aggressive.

Private Lesson Clinic
One-on-one coaching with Master Horsewoman, Caroline Volandt-Beste

This style of clinic offers one-on-one time with Caroline in an intimate group setting. Caroline has just the solution for accommodating those needs – a private lesson clinic format! This clinic format is designed to maximize your time, with one-on-one coaching from Caroline, while enjoying a friendly and fun group setting.

Caroline has years of multi-disciplinary and breed experience. Her vast knowledge and experience with many different breeds, natures, and ages allows her to assess, diagnose, and problem solve. Her work encompasses most any area of horsemanship and riding, specializing in extreme behavior, foundation training, classical dressage, rider confidence, and balance. Her dedication to improving the emotional and physical welfare of horses and their humans allows her to assist you in a wide array of needs, aspirations, and performance goals.

Participation Costs for 2-days: Click here to book
$550 (In-State/FL center)
$650 (Out-of-State/your location)

Maximum of four participants.


Auditor Cost: Click here to pay online
$30/day, $50 for 2 days. 


Minimum of four participants required. Videotaping is permitted for your session only and prohibited for the entire clinic or anyone else’s private session. You are responsible for your own videotaping device and videographer.

Art of Connected Riding® Clinics
Riding with the Whole Horse in Mind, Body, & Soul

Intro Clinic Details  Click here
Intermediate Clinic Details  Click here
Advanced Clinic Details  Click here

Caroline’s Art of Connected Riding Clinics merge the worlds of Classical Dressage, Reining and the Art of Horsemanship. Her clinics break down the many necessary building blocks to achieving oneness between horse and rider and in mind and movement. Each clinic focuses on teaching both horse and rider how to connect, and stay connected, mentally and physically and in relationship when working together. This level of mind, body and soul engagement not only creates the mindset necessary for partnership it creates the level of lightness, harmony and fluidity in movement we all seek when riding.

Caroline has specific exercises, techniques and approaches designed to develop harmonious riding between horse and rider. Exercises and techniques include, but are not limited to: Caroline's Lunging Method for Strength, Balance, Collection and Self-carriage, Problem-solving, Balanced and Centered Riding, Bit-less and Bareback Riding, Light Contact and Hands, Suppling and Leg Yield Patterns and Exercises, Reining Patterns that develop Responsiveness, Rhythm and Relaxation and Group Trail Riding and/or Obstacle Course Schooling. 

Participation Costs for 2-days: Click here to book
$550 (In-State/FL center)
$650 (Out-of-State/your location)

Maximum of four participants.

Auditor Cost: Click here to pay online
$30/day, $50 for 2 days. 


Horse Lease: Click here to pay online

Paddock Rental: Click here to pay online

$25/night self care

Stall Rental: Click here to pay online

$40/night self care

Minimum of four participants required.

Leasing a School Master
When considering leasing a school masters please understand that they know the work and will make it easier for your to learn and get into the feel, thus developing fluid and correct mental and muscle memory. This makes its so much easier to identify when it's not working for you and your horse. 


Often times as a student, when we are learning, we don't recognize when we are stuck and/or our level of trained eye and experience is limited so we think that what we are accomplishing with our horse is the best and/or correct way. Working with a school master eliminates those obstacles and allows you to maximize your learning potential through an easier experience.  

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