Long Distance Coaching and Instruction

Caroline is available to help you with your horsemanship goals and is available for long distance instruction, training and coaching sessions. This includes every aspect of horse care, handling, riding and training.


How does it work?

Please choose the type of coaching call you want from the list below and then contact caroline@taoofhorsemanship.com to purchase.


The following options are available:

Phone Consultation - 30-Minutes, $65
Phone Consultation - 60-Minutes, $135
Phone & Video Consultation - 30-Minutes, $65 

Phone & Video Consultation - 60-Minutes, $135 


How to Begin

  1. Once you decide which coaching session you want, please email  to discuss further. 

  2. Payment secures your coaching call.

  3. I will respond within 36 hours. 

  4. Availability depends on my schedule. Calls are scheduled during the following time and days:
    9-5pm Monday - Friday (US/East Coast time zone)

  5. Once I receive your payment, I will email you to schedule our coaching session. 

Video Preparation

  1. When preparing the video, please narrow your focus down to the most important area you need assistance with, and film that area.

  2. Do not send me a video longer than 20 minutes and only one video per coaching session.

  3. Please upload the video to Youtube and send me a link. Please select “unlisted” and not “private” so I can view the video and no one else can. If you do not have a Youtube account or channel;

  4. I can accept videos via email if they are 10mb or smaller. 

Video Review

  1. Please narrow your focus down to the most important area you need assistance with, and we will begin discussing that area.

  2. Please send me an email with your questions, concerns, goals 24 hours before the scheduled call. 

  1. Videos will be reviewed within 5 business days of payment.

  2. All video footage MUST be clear, meaning that the challenge at hand needs to be easy to identify. For example, we will need close-up shots of the areas that are in question, or are of concern, in your work with your horse. If your footage is blurry, too far away, or too close up for us to detect the issue at hand, you will be asked to record and submit new footage.  Most students create a private YouTube account and upload their videos for easy viewing.