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With The MasteryMembership Riding Foundation Program...



Overcome what is holding you back from taking on your horsemanship challenges.




The Method

Learn a revolutionary method that puts you, your horse, and the relationship first.

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Understand the horse in a way you've always dreamed of by mastering horsemanship.




What MasteryMemberhsip Students are Saying...

Join students and riders from all over the world who, like you, want to learn how to begin their horses training and foundation using a compassionate, positive and progressive training system.

MasteryMembership Testimonials

MasteryMembership Testimonials

MasteryMembership Testimonials
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Mastery Membership Testimonial - Cordelette

Mastery Membership Testimonial - Cordelette

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MasteryMembership Riding Foundation Program - Lydia Primavera Testimonial

MasteryMembership Riding Foundation Program - Lydia Primavera Testimonial

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MasteryMembership Riding Foundation Program - Emily Feeley Testimonial

MasteryMembership Riding Foundation Program - Emily Feeley Testimonial

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Here's What You Get...

Four Main Courses make up my core curriculum and teach you: 

  • The spirituality of horsemanship, becoming attuned

  • How to work and connect with your horse’s energy

  • Language of Equus

  • Developing relationship, respect, trust, and confidence

  • Connection and communication

  • Reading and understanding what your horse is telling you

  • Grounding and meditation

  • Liberty and ground training

  • In-hand work and suppling 

  • Training bit-less and bridle-less

  • Biomechanics

  • Art of lunging: straightness training, balance and collection

  • Synchronizing with your horse’s movement - tempo and riding in rhythm

  • Contact and suppling 

  • Safety pre-flight for mounting and riding

  • Riding balanced, with confidence and fluidity

  • Diagnosing and problem-solving

  • Preparing your horse for trails 

  • Holistic care and nutrition 

  • Saddle fitting and conformation

  • And so much more!

The main curriculum begins with four courses that include over 200 step-by-step, instructional videos. These videos are the building blocks needed to develop your horse holistically, from the inside out, from the ground to riding, start to finish.

Practice worksheets, supplemental reading, 50+ page workbook, and problem-solving lessons are also included to help teach, develop and guide you and your horse.

There are no holes in my foundation training either. When you have challenges, you have tons of support through weekly webinars, private Facebook community, strategy lessons, Q&A forums, study guides and coaching calls.

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1st Course: Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship – the foundation for everything possible

2nd Course: Tao Training Method - developing you and your horse from ground to riding as one

The Tao Method is the most comprehensive, step-by-step instructional course. It is an in-depth guide and covers all aspects of horsemanship including, but not limited to: understanding horses; equine psychology and behavior; foundation training from ground to riding and trouble-shooting for challenging situations.​


Because this course is mostly about developing your skills in ground and riding techniques, it follows a step-by-step curriculum where each exercise builds upon the next. This means that the curriculum is designed to be studied one module and video at a time. Each video is a building block for the next to follow and for maximum success and best results with your horse, please study them in order


3rdCourse: Problem Solving Strategies – strategies designed to help you better understand and work together


The Problem-solving Strategy course not only provides you with more insight and education, it shows you how to resolve some of the most difficult challenges that arise when learning and training.

This course is broken down into 6 areas and follows my curriculum so that you have both support and strategies to resolve some of the most challenging situations.

There are multiple training videos within each area, providing you with more understanding, an intelligent perspective into the mind and behaviors of the horses as well as innovative tactics to solving some of the most common and difficult training problems.

In addition to the amount of information presented within each, you will learn the necessary skill sets and strategies to unlock old, negative behaviors while creating new and positive change within you and your horse.

4th Course: Holistic Horse Care & Wellness Guide - a holistic approach to your horse’s health, care & well-being


This guide offers a holistic perspective and approach to horse’s care, health, wellness and well-being. Over 15 topics are available, from farrier to chiropractic, lameness, nutrition, equine emotions, trailering and so much more!