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Twenty-plus years ago, I used to have my horses shod. At the time I never questioned why my horse should be barefoot. I was told his hooves were too sensitive without shoes and that was that! It wasn’t until I had stepped out of the equine world and then re-emerged more than ten years later that I began questioning everything; and, with that process I began educating myself by means of hands-on experience.

I understand the overwhelming feeling my clients have when they begin reading and learning about different perspectives and opinions. It can be a daunting and often emotionally exhausting experience educating yourself in the equine world. We equestrians can be very opinionated and it seems every horse owner is an expert about everything.


Here are the services and products we trust and recommend!

Equine Practitioners
Equine Energy Healer
Jamie McGonagill

Equine Dentist "Whisperer"
Jeff Klepinger, EDT

Vet & Licensed Equine Chiropractor
Sandra Gosselin-Calhoun


Tack & Equipment
Handcrafted Jewels Rope Horse Tack

MacPherson bareback Pad
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Handmade Leather Bitless Bridles from Ireland

Uisce Saddlery

Equine Magazines
Holistic Horse
Integrative Care for Horse and Rider

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