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Every week we bring you education, expert advice, and inspiration about horse’s, training and living authentically. 


We spend time diving in deep, talking about complex areas in horsemanship such as horse psychology, biological behavior and nurture, the real secrets to being safe with horses and how to achieve the beste relationship and ride of your dreams with your horse!


And, that’s not all! We also get real and honest about our personal lives and experiences, sharing what’s worked and what hasn’t about everything related to horses and more.


Weekly podcasts are streamed LIVE every Wednesday at 12pm EST/USA on the Tao of Horsemanship Facebook page. Podcasts are hosted by Caroline Beste and co-hosted by Sabrina Arbogast. Guests are invited periodically. 


Hope you can join us and our REVOLUTION in horse care, handling, training, and living!


Monthly podcast discussions and topic schedule:


August 4

Wednesday Topic: Why Thinking Can Be a Curse When Working with Horses

Guest Speaker: Sarah Nystrom

August 11

Wednesday Topic: Dealing with the Stress of Setbacks for Both Equine and Human

Guest Speaker: Lydia Primavera

August 18

Wednesday Topic: Self-Care and the Second Chakra – How this can help you and your horse

Guest Speaker: Erika Mason

August 25


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