Relationship Building

We are all on the quest to achieve true unity and willing partnership with our horses. What does that mean and how is it achieved? It’s simpler than you think. It begins from our desire to be intimate with our horses and carry that intimacy, relationship, into our daily interactions. Intimacy is about connecting with our hearts and having conversation, paying attention, listening, and communicating back and forth. Our great horsemanship forefathers talked about this, legends such as Tom and Bill Dorrance and Ray Hunt.

I often ask my students to ask themselves, “What’s in it for the horse?” My question is about what motivates the horse to want to be with us. Studying both wild and domesticated herd behavior has shown me that horses are motivated by emotions – feelings of emotional comfort and safety; most of all,  feeling good about the relationships they share with other herd members. I also experience this on a daily basis and not just when I am working with one horse. It happens most often when I am working among many horses and in a community. Bringing and maintaining the relationship should be in every aspect of your time together, including training, mentoring, partnering, and in leadership. This is how we can have healthy, happy horses and horses that enjoy working with us.

Horses have an extremely strong heart rhythm or heart energy field. Equine assisted therapies have conducted studies, using HeartMath, showing horses assisting in healing humans. This occurs when a horse’s heart rhythm is strong enough to influence, like a magnet, the human’s heart rhythm, thus aid in regulating and calming the neurochemistry within the brain.

HeartMath studies show that the horse’s heart rhythm can assist us in developing feelings of calm, clear intention, and congruency. These qualities are essential to horses and humans developing strong bonds, relationships, communication, and partnership.

While our heart frequency is not as strong as the horse’s, we can train our minds, energy (Chakra System), and bodies to tune in to our hearts, thus developing a strong fourth Chakra or Heart Chakra Energy. This is part of the work that we do here at Tao of Horsemanship. We work on developing both you and your horse so that you are growing and working together in relationship, communication, and cooperation.

Please enjoy our sliding galleries showing the many relationship and training experiences we share, on a daily basis, with our horse community.