Art of Connected Riding® – ADVANCED Clinic Details

The Art of Connected Riding® – Advanced Clinic’s focus is on riding with ease of handling, harmony, and fluidity through advanced maneuvers and patterns. This level includes training and movements similar to both second and third level classical dressage training scales. A basic understanding of Classical Dressage training scale and principles is a plus.

This clinic is for any level of rider and who has a solid riding foundation, is comfortable and confident at the trot and canter, and is ready to build upon their skills and timing to achieve more advanced maneuvers on their horse. Specific exercises and riding patterns,will be practiced to develop relaxed, controlled, and fluid movements from your horse.

Please note this is not a problem-solving clinic or young (green) horse clinic. This course is intended for both Tao of Horsemanship alumni and students who have either taken lessons or attended at least one of Caroline’s previous riding clinics and can w/t/c safely and with control.

The following exercises and patterns will be practiced:

Understanding and influencing footfall
• Execution of fluid and prompt transitions within w/t/c
• Elasticity and energy within gaits
• Leg yields, half passes, and full pass
• Lateral work trot and canter
• Shoulder-in canter
• Haunches- in (travers) and haunches-out (renvers)
• Collected w/t/c transitions
• Simple and flying lead changes
• Smooth and prompt (responsive) transitions through serpentines