Art of Connected Riding® – Intermediate Clinic Details

This Art of Connected Riding® – Intermediate Clinic’s focus is on riding with ease of handling, rhythm, fluidity, and control in movement. It is for any level of rider and who has a solid riding foundation, is comfortable and confident at the trot, and is ready to build upon their skills and timing to achieve more advanced maneuvers on their horse. Specific exercises will be practiced that will set you and your horse up for calm, controlled, and fluid movements.

Please note, this is not a problem-solving clinic or young (green) horse clinic. This course is intended for both Tao of Horsemanship alumni and students who have either taken lessons or attended at least one of Caroline’s previous riding clinics and can trot safely and with control. It is also a prerequisite for participation into advanced Riding as One® clinics.

Clinic focuses on developing the following in you:
• Deepening the relationship in mind, body, and soul between you and your horse
• Developing mind-body awareness and energy embodiment
• Balance and relaxation
• Flexibility, fluidity, rhythm
• Body position
• Core (Chi) Strength
• Feel and timing of aids
• Feel and timing of footfall 

Clinic focuses on developing the following in your horse:
• Focus: attention and confidence
• Contact/on the aids: lightness, elasticity, relaxation, and joyful partnership
• Relaxation: focused attention, willingness, and eagerness to perform and please
• Suppleness: bend, flexion/extension, and axial rotation
• Balance & Transitions: level, uphill, and prompt (when asked)
• Rhythm & Transitions: fluent, prompt, and deliberate
• Turns on the forehand and haunches
• Leg yields, half passes, and full pass
• Lateral work trot
• Shoulder-in trot
• Straightness: symmetrically even
• Collection: lightness of forehand, thoroughness of top line, shorter, higher steps, rhythm, and self-carriage