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Inspiring, Groundbreaking & Positively Transformational!

A Holistic, Enriching & Comprehensive Approach to Horse Care, Handling, Training, Problem Solving & Riding as One with Horses.
Welcome to a community of like mind who want to learn how to develop themselves and their horses to their fullest potential using a compassionate, stress-free, and holistic method.

Caroline Beste, founder of the Tao of Horsemanship, has created a variety of short courses and hundreds of real-time videos designed to show you how to develop horses holistically – from the inside out, ground to riding, start to finish, trauma to recovery, novice to performance. 


Caroline’s experience developing horses spans decades and includes over 20 years of study, performance, and mastery.


She shares her wisdom, experience, and skills with you in every video, creating the most comprehensive, thorough, and educational library available.

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​Caroline’s method of teaching and training blends the worlds of classical and evidenced-based horsemanship, holism, and Tai Chi. 

When combined, these modalities teach horse owners how to develop horses naturally, mindfully, consensually, and stress-free from the inside out, from ground to riding, start to finish, and with the understanding and mindset your horse deserves.

Every lesson is designed to teach you a harmonious way of Being and working with horses. Video topics are varied, in-depth and thorough, covering most everything from bonding and relationship development, bitless and bareback, taming the wild horse, starting young horses, restarting horses, foundation training, trauma and rehab, beginner rider to performance.

With your subscription you receive immediate access to over 350 comprehensive and thorough horse-human developmental training videos!

With your subscription you receive immediate access to over 350 comprehensive and thorough horse-human developmental training videos!

This means you get:

  • Vault of over 350 in-depth, full-length (30-60 min each) video lessons with building blocks

  • In-depth Short Courses & Clinics

  • A thorough explanation and guide to better relationships and horsemanship

  • Tools, strategies, and practices to develop your horse yourself

  • Comprehensive insight into the equine relationship, connection, emotions, mind, and biomechanics

  • Lessons & podcasts topics that cover a wide array of relationship, liberty, ground, lunging, riding, starting and re-starting horses, including spirituality and horsemanship, riding as one with your horse, training stress-free and with minimal aids, riding bitless and bareback confidently and safely and so much more!


Learn from hundreds of videos on horse care, handling, training, problem solving and riding.


Liberty, Connection, Collection

Light Hands, Suppling,


Bareback, Balance, Confidence

Bonus! You receive access to hundreds of Caroline’s Everything Horses & More! recorded podcasts!

Our Student’s Experiences…

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