Caroline Speaking at a Group Immersion

Group Immersions & Personal Retreats

Enriching Academic Experiences

Join Caroline and her school masters for an enriching academic experience
tailored to meet your personal and horsemanship needs.

The Experience

The 2-day immersion experience is designed to transform your relationship and riding experience from the ordinary to the extraordinary – and in every way.


This is achieved through an Experiential Learning Process where students “learn by doing,” apply and reflect upon the experience. 

Experiential Learning is both personal and effective in nature, influencing both feelings and emotions as well as enhancing knowledge and skills. It goes beyond classroom learning and ensures that there is high level of retention, thereby delivering exceptional ROI over traditional learning.

Student Riding at a Group Immersion With Caroline

Meet Your Learning Environment

Tao of Horsemanship’s Facility is nestled on 20 tranquil and scenic acres, surrounded by live oaks, Spanish moss, and charming accommodations.


The outdoor training area is designed to meet your needs and includes: 200x100 riding arena with obstacle course, 20x40m dressage arena, 20m arena, 60’ round pen, and shade trees.

There is 5,000 sq ft state-of-the-art, concrete barn that includes the classroom and luxury guest house with private garden patio and scenic views. It is a perfect place to unwind, relax, feel pampered and enjoy.


Meet Your Instructor

For almost two decades, Caroline has brought her highly successful methods to thousands of horses and people from varying disciplines and backgrounds, helping them achieve their goals through relationship, consent, and permission with horses.


Caroline’s focus is education, rehabilitation, and foundation, teaching people the value of authentic relationship and true partnership with horses.


Caroline shares her knowledge and secrets to her amazing relationships, successful rehabilitation and solid riding foundation in her signature and proven horse-human developmental training system, Consensual Partnership Training – a first of its kind horse training system that is based on spirituality, relationship, and true partnership.

In addition to being a world-class trainer for both horses and people, Caroline is an artist, author, entrepreneur, speaker, radio show host, licensed Working Equitation Trainer, and Riding as One™ founder.

Caroline Teaching a Spirituality of Horsemanship Workshop
Caroline With Her Herd of Horses

Meet Your Teachers

Caroline’s herd of horses are master teachers and your personal facilitators in your learning experience and journey here at the Tao of Horsemanship.


Each horse is unique and comes with their own story, experiences, and nature, that has shaped who they are today. 


Honoring these attributes is what allows horses to be authentic, confident, autonomous, interdependent, trusting, healthy, honest, and happy - qualities needed for willing partnership and effective teaching.


In addition, they are the superstars in Caroline’s Tao of Horsemanship YouTube Channel and online training courses.

Click here for their stories.


Mastery Program Group Immersion
Package and Costs

For starters, you receive a group learning experience with a community of like-mind, to connect, support and inspire your learning experience.

1. A Review & Goal Setting Zoom Meeting
2. Two Days of Instruction, Coaching & Experiential Learning with students of like-mind, Caroline & her School Masters
3. Group & Individual Instruction 

4. Lunch, Refreshments & Snacks
5. A Custom Home Training Plan
6. A Follow Up Video Coaching & Consultation Call

GROUP IMMERSION COST: Was $1,750/person​ - now 20% OFF $1400/person



PLEASE NOTE: Due to the maximum class size of 4 participants, immersions fill quickly and are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

MasterMembership 2-Day Immersion


Amazing and enriching experience for MasteryMembership students to dive in deep with Caroline and her school masters!


DATE: Jan 14 & Jan 15, 2023

LOCATION: Tao of Horsemanship Facility, 19950 SW 5th Place, Dunnellon FL 34431


SOH In person Workshop
Caroline Observing Student

Private Immersion Retreats

Package and Costs

For starters, you receive a private and quiet learning experience with Caroline and her horses, to connect, support and inspire your learning experience.

1. An All-Inclusive Package: Guest House Lodging, Meals & Resort Atmosphere

2. A Review & Goal Setting Zoom Meeting
3. Two Days of 1-on-1 Instruction, Coaching & Experiential Learning with Caroline & her School Masters
4. A Custom Home Training Plan
5. A Follow Up Video Coaching and Consultation Call


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