Come and immerse yourself in a world where horses and people exist in total harmony; connecting in thought, hearts and body all day, every day.  

A Holistic Horse Training Experience​​

Join Caroline Beste, and her school masters, for a holistic horse training experience that will positively change your relationship with horses and riding forever! Caroline and her school masters will carefully guide you as they accelerate your knowledge of horses, and refine your horsemanship, through liberty and riding as one study and training. 

Developing the Relationship and Ride of Your Dreams

You will learn how to work with horses in a deeply connected and heart-felt space while developing both the relationship and ride of your dreams – bit-less, bridle-less and bareback*.

This level of training is one-of-a-kind, offering a unique and very personal experience in horse care, handling, training and riding.  While immersion training follows Caroline’s world-renowned MasteryMembership Program, they are also customized to meet both your personal and horsemanship goals. 

Achieving Oneness With Horses - Mind, Body and Heart

Caroline’s approach to training and horsemanship is holistic and multi-dimensional and includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of both the person and horse’s well-being. Her training program includes 8 core training modules within her training system. Each module is part of her core training curriculum for both people and horses and the foundation to achieving oneness with horses – in mind, body and heart

The Spiritual Connection Between Horse and Human

The modules specialize in developing self-awareness, the spiritual connection between horse and human, balance of joy, relationship and discipline (love and leadership) in the work, confidence, biomechanics and balanced riding. Please click here for an outline of the modules.

Looking for More Information?

If you are looking for a training system that utilizes a holistic approach to starting and re-starting horses and includes liberty, lunging for self-carriage, handling, care and preparing your horse for bit-less and bareback riding, this method is for you!

Caroline offers both on-site and off-site (she can travel to you) immersion training. Please contact for available dates, pricing or to discuss further.

Here’s what people have to say about their immersion experience…

I have learned more than I ever expected through Caroline’s knowledge, tools and compassionate teachings and training method. Through years of studying with her, and several immersions, I have learned to emotionally and physically connect with horses in a way I never thought possible and always dreamed of. Caroline is an ardent student of the horse and has an amazing way with horses and working with horses. Caroline also understands people and was able to not only share her knowledge, but guide me through my learning, giving me the necessary tools and skills to better understand, diagnose and problem-solve. Her teaching style enabled me to develop better self-awareness when interacting with horses, thus sharpen my intuition and ability to read and better understand how to work with each. I have more knowledge, confidence and tools now and because of that I am more successful with horses and able to reach my goals and dreams more easily and quickly! With much gratitude, Nancy, MA

I highly recommend the experience of an Immersion with Caroline Beste at her beautiful farm in Dunnellon, Florida. Although I have learned so much from Caroline's free online training videos, it wasn’t until I fully committed to the online courses as a lifetime member that I really began to understand her methodology and really delve into my horses’ histories and their triggers and challenges.  The Immersion experience was an important next step for me to “train my eye” and work with Caroline’s school masters and have hands on, personal attention with Caroline.  Learning in person with Caroline also revealed to me that I need to have more awareness of where I am when I work with my horses, as some of my own “triggers” carry over into the work.  
The experience of seeing her barns and the way the horses and Caroline interact with each other was so inspirational.  Her charming guest house is available for Immersions so one can really “immerse,” and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.  Caroline’s whole horse, whole person approach to training is like no other training out there.  She is a true advocate for the horse and learning from her has transformed my relationship with my horses, and their wellbeing!  I need and want help, and support, with training myself and my horses and I look forward to a continued long-distance relationship with Caroline now that we have our own relationship from spending time together during my Immersion! Thank you Caroline! Jennifer L. Ashby, TX


My trip to work with Caroline and her beautiful horses was the first time I was alone, away from my children, since they were born — my first time truly taking time for myself in four and a half years. My initial intention had been to learn Caroline’s way of working with horses firsthand, but little did I know this would become such an emotional and transformative journey of healing. The process came with the release of painful emotions I hadn’t acknowledged, a restoration of trust in myself, and then a feeling of openness, grounding, and centeredness that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Caroline guided me to recognize the movement of energy in my body and the power that energy holds, she encouraged me to be more clear in my intentions, and working through these exercises culminated in a deep connection to Billy, one of Caroline’s horses. These last three days were truly unforgettable. My love to you, Caroline! My heart is filled with gratitude. Love, Charlene, Costa Rica

Guest House

Beautiful and tranquil 1,300 sq. ft. guest house is available for students. Cost is $150/person/night.