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Masterclass Symposium

Masterclass Symposium

Group Event: 20-40 Attendees | 2-3 Demo Horses

The Power of Energy Connection with Horses

Event Summary:

Come spend a day with equine rehab and foundation specialist, Caroline Beste, as she demonstrates the 3 energy connections that will absolutely transform you and your horse’s relationship, connection, and partnership – forever! 
This one-day Masterclass Symposium format will include Caroline Beste and 2 demo horses who exhibit extreme anxiety, fear, lack of confidence and overall trust and safety issues. If you’re struggling to connect with your horse, work through behavior issues, feel safe and confident, or heal trauma, this symposium is for you.

Attendee: $95
A minimum of 20 attendees is required.

Demo Horse: $200
Includes 2 hours of hands-on work to assess & problem solve and create a plan of action moving forward.

If you are interested in hosting a symposium at your barn or facility, please see the button to the right for host details, requirements, and perks. Host an event at your facility at no charge and receive free participation.

Event Details:

Caroline will show you how to resolve these extreme behaviors by using her 3 unique and powerful energy connections. In addition, she will share with you what she’s learned over the years working with thousands of wild and traumatized horses. 

Areas of discussion and demonstration typically include:
• 3 ways to really connect with your horse and on every level – heart, mind, and body connection
• 3 leading causes of anxiety
• Identifying unhealthy reactions vs healthy responses 
• 4 ways to change unhealthy reaction, or behavior
• How to use energy to create the space for both you and your horse to feel better when you are anxious
These subjects will explore and expand on:
• Equine nervous systems with a focus on Polyvagal Theory 
• Science of the equine brain
• Myth-busting the many common myths and dogma about horse behavior 
• Myth-busting the many common horse training practices that create unwanted behavior and stress through pressure and release, operate conditioning and desensitizing

Pre-registering is a must. We will need to know how many people to expect so we can plan accordingly.

Cancellation Policy:
There are no refunds. If the weather is inclement, we will move to a covered area on premises where we can work and stay dry.

Event Policy:
Please bring your own chair. The following is not allowed: pets, cameras, filming, alcohol, or solicitation.


Handout, lunch and beverages, lecture, Q&A and demonstration.


You must meet the Hosting Requirements to host this event at your location.

Additional Notes:

Contact to discuss and schedule


9am - 5pm (Break for Lunch)

Cost Per Person








TOH Facility (Dunnellon, Florida)

Click above to see if there are any Symposiums currently scheduled near your area, or contact to set up your own! Click "I am interested in Hosting" below to see if you are eligible!

Holistic Horsemanship In Person Training Event

Student Quote:

Wow - I just attended the Symposium in New York and my eyes are forever opened! I have been following your work for years and jumped at the chance to see you when you were in the area and I'm so glad I did! Watching you work with horses that you have never met before and showing us how you take the time to assess them was so informative. I learned more in one day watching you than I have in a local 2 day clinic with my own horse! I really want to host a symposium myself and will reach out soon! Thank you for an extraordinary day!
- Auditor, NY

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