~Intuitive Workshop ~

Horses are masters of sensory awareness and emotional intelligence. These innate qualities allow them to live a life that resonates with clarity, balance, intuitive presence and consciousness. We can learn so much from them if we just slow down, center ourselves and listen with our hearts, our eyes and our bodies. This workshop will not only help you develop a deeper sense of self, it will develop your self-awareness and purpose, giving you the tools to release past trauma, heal old wounds, get in touch with your personal power and fulfill your potential. 

Caroline and her school masters will teach specific mind-body practices that will assist in developing a deeper intuitive consciousness within you and between you and your chosen horse. This level of consciousness is called Chakra Conscious®. Chakra Conscious® is the most amazing and powerful gateway to discovering and nurturing a deeper understanding of one’s self, way of Being, living and connecting to the world around you.

Participants can expect group discussions and participation, demonstrations by Caroline and her horses, one-on-one training and instruction with the horses, personal coaching sessions and community of trust, love and like-mind.

The following embodiment and ground exercises are covered in this workshop:

  • Specific round penning exercises, practices, that develop deeper awareness and understanding of the power of intention, position and movement when connecting and communicating with horses

  • Mind/body exercises that help to create a deeper understanding of energy and its purpose while engaging with horses - master teachers of mindfulness and sensory awareness

  • Understanding and application of intention, combined with the projection of energy, when working at liberty and through transitions with horses

  • Mind/body implementation exercises to help you identify limiting patterns and incongruent mind/body messages when working with horses

  • Exercises to develop the skill sets necessary to allow you to connect and communicate with horses more clearly, confidently and with congruence

  • Specific mind/body exercises that promote the positive position of "the path to least resistance" when working with horses

  • Specific mind/body exercises that develop exemplary leadership skills while nurturing deep bonds and partnerships with our horses

  • Practical spiritual exercises that apply to your horsemanship and your life

  • Mind/body healing techniques that promote more balance, health and well-being for both horses and humans 

Workshop participation includes: Caroline's Intuitive Horsemanship Workbook containing 60+ pages dedicated to personal development, the horse-human bond, connection and training; working with Caroline’s personal school masters; lunch, refreshments, wine and phenomenal sunsets are also included! 


No horse experience necessary to participate as this workshop is all about you!

Maximum of four participants.  No Auditing.

Please visit the following pages for more information on the areas covered within this workshop:

Energy & Healing  Click here
HeartMath  Click here
Chakra Conscious®  Click here

NOTE: We offer two workshops that are similar. The Intuitive Workshop is very personal, layered and designed to work on you. This is where Caroline’s personal horses, or school masters, are best suited to help co-facilitate the learning process. This also ensures you maximize your learning potential. The second workshop is the Relationship Building Workshop. We recommend bringing your own horse to this workshop so we can work on your relationship with your horse.

Costs and Participation: All clinics are customized and based upon location and number of participants. Please email:  clinics@taoofhorsemanship.com to discuss further.