Intuitive Workshop Details, Levels I-III

The following embodiment and ground exercises are covered in this workshop:

● Specific round penning exercises, practices, that develop deeper awareness and understanding of the power of intention, position and movement when connecting and communicating with horses

● Mind/body exercises that help to create a deeper understanding of energy and its purpose while engaging with horses - master teachers of mindfulness and sensory awareness

● Understanding and application of intention, combined with the projection of energy, when working at liberty and through transitions with horses

● Mind/body implementation exercises to help you identify limiting patterns and incongruent mind/body messages when working with horses

● Exercises to develop the skill sets necessary to allow you to connect and communicate with horses more clearly, confidently and with congruence

● Specific mind/body exercises that promote the positive position of "the path to least resistance" when working with horses

● Specific mind/body exercises that develop exemplary leadership skills while nurturing deep bonds and partnerships with our horses

● Practical spiritual exercises that apply to your horsemanship and your life

● Mind/body healing techniques that promote more balance, health and well-being for both horses and humans

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