Mind Mapping

Whether you need assistance in your personal life, horsemanship, career or business, mind mapping has the tools to help you achieve your goals. It is the last stage to creating the life you want to have and involves the one major quality to success, leadership. 

Mind mapping is an amazing tool designed to help you get un-stuck and move forward. The power of mind mapping is achieved through clarity and congruency, the two major qualities of leadership. Leadership is also one of the key components to achieving a harmonious partnership with horses.

Mind mapping involves creating a diagram, or illustration, that helps visually organize information. Mind mapping begins with a single concept, drawn in the center of a blank page. This single concept can become an image, or word, that represents a person’s life, specifically where they are in their life, how they feel about their life. From that one image other images, or words, are added. Major ideas are connected directly to the main concept, and other ideas are drawn out, branching out, from that one major concept, image or word that is currently defining our life.

Because mind mapping is a non-linear technique it teaches you how to look at the “big picture” or many piece’s affecting your life vs focusing on one area or end goal. Unlike many traditional and linear approaches to resolving challenges, mind mapping focuses on more than one way or approach to resolution. In the end, we cannot get to the goal, or resolution, without first focusing on the many components or pieces involved.