Private Lesson Clinic

One-on-one coaching with Master Horsewoman, Caroline Volandt-Beste

One-On-One Equestrian Clinics With Caroline Beste

This style of clinic offers one-on-one time with Caroline in an intimate group setting. Caroline has just the solution for accommodating those needs – a private lesson clinic format! This clinic format is designed to maximize your time, with one-on-one coaching from Caroline, while enjoying a friendly and fun group setting.

Multi-Disciplinary Equestrian Experience

Caroline has years of multi-disciplinary and breed experience. Her vast knowledge and experience with many different breeds, natures, and ages allows her to assess, diagnose, and problem solve. Her work encompasses most any area of horsemanship and riding, specializing in extreme behavior, foundation training, classical dressage, rider confidence, and balance. Her dedication to improving the emotional and physical welfare of horses and their humans allows her to assist you in a wide array of needs, aspirations, and performance goals.

Participation Costs:

All clinics are customized and based upon location and number of participants. Please email: clinics@taoofhorsemanship.com to discuss further. 


Auditor Cost: 

All costs are based upon location and number of participants. Please email: clinics@taoofhorsemanship.com to discuss further. 


Minimum of four participants required. Videotaping is permitted for your session only and prohibited for the entire clinic or anyone else’s private session. You are responsible for your own videotaping device and videographer.

What's Included in a Clinic?

The following is included in all clinics and workshops:

Caroline's teaching style includes outdoor classroom time where she covers the principles, theory, science and experience of the material covered in the clinic course. Handouts and videos may be used to further explain the material being covered.


Group Instruction
Caroline keeps her clinics small, ranging from 4-6 students.  Students will experience the benefits of community, group and personal immersion and one-on-one coaching and instruction with Caroline.


Private Instruction
One-on-one coaching is provided throughout the group clinic.  


Caroline demonstrates, how the exercise should look, with either one of her horses or a student’s horse. This helps to train the student’s eye so they know what to work towards.


Simulation Exercises
Simulation exercises provide an opportunity to practice skills with each other, building competence and confidence.


Group discussions are important to the learning process and encourage students to share in experiences. Caroline will bring up certain aspects of the work and learning process throughout the group instruction, promoting group discussion.


Study Guides
All but the Private Lesson clinic come with study guides or workbooks.

Daily Itinerary

Clinics begin 9am sharp in designated area and run until 5pm, with a 1-2 hour lunch break. Caroline gives a lot of information and problem-solving tips throughout the day and recommends brining a notebook for classroom time and for taking notes in general. 

Upcoming Private Lesson Clinics

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