Biomechanics of Riding with a Balanced, Independent Seat

Biomechanics of Riding with a Balanced, Independent Seat

Exercises to Increase Awareness and Develop Balance, Timing, and Rhythm


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Caroline demonstrates, and explains, 3 core embodiment exercises that ultimately aid in achieving a more balanced and independent seat when riding. She also carefully explains, and demonstrates with her student and horse, the purpose of each exercise and how they allow you the freedom to move with your horse as one in movement thus achieving unity, fluidity and harmony.


Caroline brings more mind/body awareness to riding and helps the rider gain the following:


  • More confidence and clarity as a leader
  • Developing balance and fluidity
  • Understanding of the purpose of embodying movement (within ourselves) and how it easily effects our horse
  • More awareness into movement, rhythm and timing
  • More awareness of how subtly we can influence a horse’s movement and footfall
  • More awareness of our body’s position when riding with a balanced, centered, and independent seat
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