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Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship through Feel, Intention, and Energy Awareness: Deepening Awareness of Relationship Between Horse and Human through Mind, Body, and Soul Exercises


Caroline Rider’s training approach and philosophy combines natural horsemanship principles, classical dressage, and a Taoist way of living and interacting she calls Intuitive Horsemanship. Being a lifelong equestrian, Caroline has developed a teaching philosophy that focuses on aligning and synchronizing both horse and rider in mind, body, and soul. Her method to achieving this is based on developing deep levels of connection and communication by combining mind-body awareness and Chakra energy with balance and harmony in movement.


Horses are masters of sensory awareness and emotional intelligence. These innate qualities allow them to live a life that resonates with clarity, balance, intuitive presence, and consciousness. We can learn so much from them if we just slow down, center ourselves, and listen with our hearts, our eyes, and our minds. This DVD is not only about knowing yourself and mastering yourself, it is the foundation to mastering horsemanship and where Caroline begins within and with each horse encountered.


Here is a sample of what’s covered within this DVD:

• Learn to deepen your relationship within and with your horse, aligning and synchronizing mind, body, and soul

• Learn to develop “oneness” through movement and rhythm

• Learn liberty with horses – the “dance between souls”

• Mind/body exercises to develop a deeper understanding of Chakra energy and its purpose while engaging with horses – master teachers of mindfulness and sensory awareness

• Learn to work with your horse, not against them

• Develop exemplary leadership skills (clarity and congruency) while nurturing deep bonds and partnerships

• Mind/body healing techniques that promote balance, health, and well being for you and your horse

Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship

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