Ground Exercises to Improve Connection and Partnership – DVD 2: Volume 1

Ground Exercises to Improve Connection and Partnership – DVD 2: Volume 1

9-Step Program to Creating More Unity with Your Horse


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In these nine exercises, Caroline shares with you what she has found to work best during her years of experience with hundreds of horses. She has personally tried hundreds of online techniques, created by some of the leading horsemen and women, and has narrowed it down to these nine exercises so that you have a more simplified strategy to gaining deeper trust, respect, and partnership with your horse. These nine exercises include: yielding to steady and rhythmic pressure, backing, shoulder over, disengaging the hind end, sending through and over, longing with a purpose, and much more.


This second DVD in the Tao of Horsemanship series presents a simplified, 9-step approach that will show you how to:

  • Develop greater connection, partnership, and harmony
  • Develop safety by establishing boundaries and “What’s Acceptable Behavior”
  • Understand “Where You Need to Be for Your Horse, When, and Why”
  • Understand the “Horse that Presents Itself, at That Moment”
  • Develop better feel and timing within your hands and through your aids
  • Develop more trust and leadership through consistency and guidance
  • Create a more happy, willing, and enthusiastic partnership
  • Do “Less and Get More” from your horse
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