Ground Exercises to Improve Connection and Partnership – DVD 2: Volume 2

A Comprehensive Breakdown of the 9 on-line Exercises to Help You Achieve Lightness, More Responsiveness and Softness from Your Horse


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This DVD is a sequel to Ground Exercises to Improve Connection and Partnership – DVD 2: Volume 1 and delves more deeply into each of the 9 on-line exercises. You will learn how to build a lifetime of partnership with your horse through Caroline’s careful demonstrations and explanations of the following approach and guiding principles:


  • Developing greater connection, partnership and harmony
  • Developing safety by creating discipline, establishing boundaries and “What’s Acceptable Behavior”
  • Understanding “Where You Need to Be for Your Horse, When and Why”
  • Understanding the “Horse that presents Itself, at That Moment”
  • Developing better feel and timing within your hands and through your aids
  • Developing more trust and leadership through consistency and guidance
  • Creating a more happy, willing and enthusiastic partnership
  • Doing “Less and Getting More” from your horse

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