Liberty Training

Caroline will teach specific exercises that merge the worlds of art, science and equine psychology. You will learn the following:

  • Equine psychology, behavior and your horse’s nature so you can work with them more easily

  • Equine biomechanics, anatomy and asymmetry so we can understand how your horse is traveling correctly, or not and develop proper strength and balance 

  • How to develop a deeper connection and communication with your horse

  • How to become more mindful, sensory aware and present

  • How to develop better trust, confidence and rapport

  • How to use the power of your mind, body and movement to communicate effectively

  • How to use the space of the round pen correctly (no chasing horses😊)

  • How to embody energy and work with energy

  • How to free lunge and guide your horse’s body

  • How to use a lunge whip correctly as a communication tool and not for punishment

  • Problem solving strategies for common problems you will encounter 

  • And, so much more!


Participation costs includes lunch, beverages and study guide. Maximum of 6 participants allowed. A round pen is required for optimal setting and best results. 

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    Tao of Horsemanship Equestrian Training Center

    19950 SW 5th Place Dunnellon FL 34431