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Developing Connection, Collection, and Self Carriage Naturally


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Caroline carefully explains her lunging methods, and principles to achieving a horse’s mind and body, through 3 fundamental body awarenesses and positions. She then demonstrates with Smokey how you can achieve true, natural self carriage and collection without using force, tie downs, or means of mechanical pressure. Her approach is designed to bring joyful connection and partnership through classical principles of dressage where mind, body, and spirit come together in form, movement, and grace.


Caroline brings more mind/body awareness to developing true collection and self carriage through the following:


  • Mind/body connection, mental engagement, and partnership during movement
  • A quiet, calm, and focused mind in both horse and handler
  • Proper muscle development that supports greater balance, flexibility, and movement
  • The development of natural self carriage and true collection without force, tie downs, or mechanical pressure
  • The development of natural carriage that aids in a rounded top line, “Shoulder In,” and more strength in the hind end
  • Cadence, rhythm, and relaxation through the top line
  • More freedom and movement of the back and hind end

Lunging with a Purpose

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