Re-Starting the Riding Horse: PSSB DVD 4 (Dual Disc Set)

Re-Starting the Riding Horse: PSSB DVD 4 (Dual Disc Set)

The Problem Solving Strategies Series is now available for purchase.  You may choose to buy the DVDs individually, or as a bundle.


Beginning the Work: DVD 1 (Dual Disc Set)
Developing Feel & Timing, Deeper Awareness and Skill Sets (2-disc set)


Working with the Different Natures and Learned Behaviors of Horses: DVD 2
Learn to Read & Understand Your Horse’s Nature while Developing Positive Behaviors


Lunging that Develops Mental and Physical Collection, Balance and Self-Carriage Naturally: DVD 3
Exercises and Strategies to Help Your Horse Develop Emotional and Physical Balance


Re-Starting the Riding Horse: DVD 4 (Dual Disc Set)
Exercises & Strategies to Re-shape & Develop Your Horse’s Mind and Body (2-disc set)


Introverted & Extroverted Horse Behavior: DVD 5
Understanding Nature and Re-shaping Learned Behaviors


Assessing the New Horse: DVD 6
Evaluating & Working Your Horse through Caroline’s MAT Test: Mental Agility Test


Problem Solving Strategies Series: DVDs 1 – 6
Save 15% when you purchase the Bundle!


NOTE: Most chapters (videos) start out rough and this is the way it was filmed, mic cuts off, as well as the music gets cut off here and there, just know it's not a skipping issue or a defective DVD. Unfortunately some of the videos in my PSSV are rough and it's because of the person I hired to film and edit during the making of each. Again I apologize for the poor quality of some of the videos and the content was too good not to develop and make into DVD's.

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