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A Simple and Comprehensive Breakdown of Caroline’s “Connection and Safety Preflight System,” the Biomechanics of Riding and Developing an Independent Seat, Softening, Collection, Transitions and Pattern Work


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This DVD is a sequel to Riding as One with Your Horse – DVD 3: Volume 1 and delves more deeply into the key elements to riding safely, in balance, rhythm, and harmony with your horse. You will learn how to build a lifetime of partnership with your horse through Caroline’s careful demonstrations and explanations of the following approach and guiding principles:


  • Developing greater “mental and physical” connection while riding through movement – transitions and pattern work that helps
  • Breaking down the core elements of Caroline’s Preflight Safety Program
  • Understanding feel and timing: “Where You Need to Be for Your Horse, When, and Why”
  • Understanding the Biomechanics of riding: Your seat, posture, and balance
  • How creating soft and light hands in you creates a soft and responsive mouth in your horse
  • Ultimately creating a more trusting, responsive, and willing partner under saddle

Riding as One with Your Horse – DVD 3: Volume 2

$39.95 Regular Price
$19.98Sale Price
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