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Transformative Practices for Awakening Unity, Partnership, and Harmony Between You and Your Horse

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The Round Penning Approach DVD is really all about you. We choose this small space because, if used properly, it will help cultivate more awareness within you so you can become more observant of all the subtle nuances of the body language, expression, and feedback your horse is giving you. While you are learning how to read your horse, you will also be learning how to communicate with them in a language they understand, respect, and most of all, accept. You will also learn to develop deeper levels of trust while exemplifying leadership; and, when we say exemplifying, we mean being the leader your horse chooses and accepts, not submits or surrenders to. Our ultimate goal is for your horse to want to be with you, choosing your companionship and offering partnership. Once this happens, anything and everything is possible.


This first DVD in the Tao of Horsemanship series presents a simple, three-step approach that will show you how to:

  • Develop the three core awarenesses to mastering connection, partnership, and harmony between you and your horse
  • Create safety through a mindful approach that calls you both to be present
  • Understand “Where You Need to Be for Your Horse, When, and Why”
  • Immediately develop trust, friendship, confidence and leadership
  • Discover that “All Possibilities” are available through “Movement”
  • Develop a “Path of Least Resistance” when training
  • Understand and fulfill your horse’s basic needs and nature
  • Create a more happy, willing, and enthusiastic partnership

Round Penning Approach – DVD 1: Volume 1

$49.95 Regular Price
$24.98Sale Price
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