Round Penning Approach – DVD 1: Volume 2

A Comprehensive Breakdown of the 3 Core Principles to Developing Deeper Trust, Connection and Partnership Between You and Your Horse


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This DVD is a sequel to Round Penning Approach – DVD 1: Volume 1 and delves more deeply into each of the 3 core awarenesses. You will learn how to build a lifetime of partnership with your horse through Caroline’s careful demonstrations and explanations of the following approach and guiding principles:


  • What “connection” looks like from your horse and why it’s so important to building a lifetime of partnership
  • The importance of mental and physical “join up” from your horse ­- what it looks like and how to achieve it
  • What a “try” and a “question” look like from your horse and why each is so important to training
  • The importance of developing and maintaining a “learning frame of mind” when training your horse
  • Further reading, and understanding, a horse’s nature and what they need
  • Further identifying consensual partnership between you and your horse
  • Further identifying exemplary leadership from you and why it’s important to your horse’s well being, comfort, and safety

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