Starting Your Young Horse; Preparing for the First Ride

Starting Your Young Horse; Preparing for the First Ride

Exercises to Develop Connection, Communication, Trust, and Partnership


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Caroline explains the importance of acquiring a horse’s acceptance and trust through liberty work first.  This liberty approach allows her to develop an open learning frame of mind when teaching a new, young horse for the first time.  Once she has mind/body connection, she moves forward into a more specific training process involving online (halter and lead) ground exercises.  These exercises are to enrich and deepen core awarenesses within the handler, as well as build deeper trust, connection, partnership, and leadership between horse and human.


Caroline brings more mind/body awareness to developing the essential foundation to achieving the following when preparing our horse for it’s first ride:


  • The importance of developing a bond of love and friendship with your horse first
  • The importance of acquiring connection, mental engagement (focus and patience), and partnership at liberty
  • Creating deeper mental engagement, partnership, and guiding leadership through specific online exercises
  • Developing a more trained eye within so you can read your horse more clearly and decide what action is needed to achieve more understanding and 2-way communication
  • Developing the skill sets necessary to communicate clearly and with confidence
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