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Exercises that Develop a Calm, Connected, and Confident Partnership on the Trail


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Caroline discusses the 5 key elements to achieving a safe, calm, and confident trail riding partner in your horse. She demonstrates with Legend the signs (body language) your horse gives you when they are connected, calm, and ready to partner. She explains how she begins every horse first on the ground with 2 key exercises that aid in developing this calm frame of mind. This is part of her foundation training program and necessary before she ever gets on, as it is part of her “Pre-flight Safety Check System” to riding. Once this partnership is achieved on the ground, she takes that mindset to her riding approach and demonstrates pattern work that aids in achieving the 5 key elements to trail riding safely, calmly, and with partnership.


Caroline brings more mind/body awareness to developing the essential ingredients to achieving the following when riding:


  • Reading your horse’s body language and understanding the importance of “An open, learning frame of mind:” i.e., why you can not teach a horse when their mind is blown on the trail
  • The importance of developing connection, mental engagement, and partnership on the ground first
  • Creating a “Pre-flight Safety Check System”
  • Pattern and transition work that builds trust, focus, patience, and partnership when riding your horse

Trail Riding Safely and with Confidence

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