Trailer Loading Made Easy

Trailer Loading Made Easy

3 Simple Exercises to Help Build Focus, Trust, and Partnership           


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Too often Caroline finds both horse and human rushing during trailer loading, causing undo stress, confrontation, and possible danger for both involved. Because of this, Caroline chose to begin the DVD with an introduction that explains, and demonstrates, her horses loading calmly, in partnership, and at liberty – without any force or means of pressure. The core of her approach to preparing the horse for loading this way begins with 3 fundamental ground exercises designed to create a mindful connection and trusting partnership between both horse and handler. Caroline demonstrates a process of asking for partnership in a subtle, calm, and guiding manner so that the experience is a positive one for all involved. And, when it doesn’t go the way we expect, Caroline demonstrates how to “match” the horse’s intention without escalating the situation or creating a fight.


Caroline brings more mind/body awareness to developing the essential ingredients to achieving the following when trailer loading your horse:


  • Developing connection, mental engagement, and focus before you ask your horse to load into the trailer
  • The importance of creating and maintaining a calm, “open, learning frame of mind” when teaching
  • Understanding your horse’s specific nature and what approach works best when teaching: soft, gentle, and/or matching intent
  • Knowing when, and how, to choose a “path of least resistance”

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