~Equine PTSD Workshop ~

Healing the Traumatized Horse: Rehabilitation of the Mind, Emotions and Body

This 1-day workshop is cutting edge in research and results! If you are having trouble with your horse and conventional training methods are not working, this workshop has the answers you’ve been looking for!

If you have been experiencing any one of the following, this workshop is for you:

  • Constant explosions and unpredictability

  • Dullness and inability to move without excessive pressure or force

  • Over reactive to new stimuli, places and things

  • Quiet one minute and spooking the next

  • Buddy and barn sourness

  • Ulcers and inability to keep weight or gain weight

  • Cribbing, pacing, general uneasiness and nervousness

Chronic behaviors like cribbing, bucking, bolting, freezing, swaying, sudden reactions from seemingly nothing, chasing, ear pinning, tongue or mouth displacement, grinding teeth, and many more can be signs of something going on deep inside your horse. 

Often times you don’t even know your horse’s whole history, their life and experiences before you. Sometimes it’s just one random experience too that can damage your horses trust and confidence. For example, you can’t remember when your horse was mistreated but suddenly he’s become head shy. You can’t think of any moment from the time you bought him until now that he’s had a confusing or stressful experience yet, here he is showing all the signs that something has happened to his head. You didn’t know that your horse wouldn’t stand still in the wash rack for the new groom at your barn. Every time they had to handle him and he moved he got hit across the head. Because this happened every week, often and for months, your horse is traumatized and now has PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The truth is, it takes very little for a horse to develop trauma and PTSD like behaviors. Reason is they do not have the cognitive skills that people have to manage heightened emotional states. We humans can rationalize and analyze painful or scary experiences. A horse’s brain isn’t wired the same way though. Rather their sensory awareness and instincts take over when they feel threatened and anything that resembles their fear triggers them into memory and self-preservation.

Caroline is a master horsewoman, relationship and behavior specialist. She not only knows horses, she knows people and best of all she knows how to help both horses and people have a better relationship and riding partnerships. This workshop is about learning how to read, understand and help restore your horse’s well-being. 

The workshop includes the following:

  • Caroline working with horses with problems, explanation and problem-solving demonstrations

  • Auditing and Q&A

  • Demonstrations by Caroline and her school masters, showing where the method leads - total safety, mindfulness and true partnership

  • Group discussions and activities

  • Lecture series and handouts


Participation Costs:

All clinics are customized and based upon location and number of participants. Please email: clinics@taoofhorsemanship.com to discuss further. 


Auditor Cost: 

All costs are based upon location and number of participants. Please email: clinics@taoofhorsemanship.com to discuss further.