Tao of Horsemanship Center

Tao of Horsemanship’s International Equine Behavior and Performance Center is one-of-a-kind. We are not a typical training facility. Ours is a Center where students from around the world come for education, healing, meditation, spiritual awakening, and to learn the language of Equus.

The layout of our ranch and the intentional flow of working spaces provide the most amazing atmosphere and setting for you and your horse to trust, be open, release, heal, and, most of all, learn. Caroline’s work encompasses a lifetime of study, experience, and practice. She is an international clinician, motivational speaker, and holistic practitioner with a concentration in relationships, attunement, and horsemanship.

Each day is filled with horse and human community, connection, and conversation. We spend our entire day interacting, engaging, listening, communicating, and learning from one another. Whether it’s during barn chores or on an evening trail ride, the experiences continue to evolve.

Equestrian Training Center in Ocala Florida

The training field is one of many spaces at the Center where you will experience total immersion. While working with one horse independently, you will be in the midst of a herd of ten others who are free to engage as they choose. This environment offers a unique opportunity to not only Be with the horses, but also to work around and among the herd. Sometimes the herd watches the work; and, other times they offer support by holding space for the horse you are working with and for you. The horses’ timing always seems to be perfect. Amazing things can happen when we are balancing Being and doing (working) with them.

Spending time in this type of total immersion environment is rare in the world of natural horsemanship. You will witness their truth, understand how they feel about and interact with each other, and become One with the herd.