The Core Training System

The Mastery Membership Riding Foundation Program is just that, a riding foundation program. That means it offers a complete training system, methodology and systematic approach to study and practice. 

Caroline’s program is designed to develop you and your horse holistically, from the inside out, ground to riding, start to finish, guiding you every step of the way so you and your horse can reach your fullest potential and partnership. 

The program is deeply layered, comprehensive and progressive, offering layers of education, knowledge, and expertise. Caroline brings a lifetime of experience, study and practice to each lesson, giving you a plethora of knowledge, strategy and understanding.

It is the largest, and only comprehensive horse-human developmental training program out there. The program covers every aspect of holism, creating the most solid, connected and safe union between horse and human.

The curriculum consists of 12 courses, hundreds of step-by-step instructional video lessons, study guides and tutorials, weekly support, and a private Facebook community. 

The core training curriculum consists of 8 elements that are designed to create the relationship and ride of your dreams with your horse. Each area dives in deep and is richly layered. 

These areas not only develop the most solid and safe ground and riding foundation in you and your horse, they create a horse and riding partnership that can become a solid level two dressage horse, bridle-less horse and bitless trail partner.

The following 8 elements comprise the core training curriculum:

Mindfulness & Spirituality
Becoming attuned and connected to your horse through sensory awareness and energy embodiment.

Understanding Horses
Learning the language of Equus - how to read, understand, connect, and communicate effectively.

Energy, Embodiment & Liberty - Freedom of Choice
Developing your relationship with your horse energetically, holistically, freely, through joy, expression, movement and play.

Groundwork & Shaping Behavior
Developing good habits, manners, through lead line and in-hand training.

Biomechanics & The Art of Lunging – Pilates for Your Horse
Developing your horses’ athleticism through straightness training, self-carriage, strength, balance & collection.

Arena Exercises & Patterns
Taking what you’ve learned thus far and applying it to your riding. You will now be learning specific exercises to develop the best and safest riding partner while refining your horse’s movement, connection, and partnership. 

This area of riding is designed similarly to classical dressage training pyramid and when practiced correctly will develop a 2nd level dressage horse, bitless, and a rider who can ride the movement bareback, confident, and balanced.

When this area is solid, you will be able to ride bridle-less and trail ride bitless and bareback, alone and in groups.

Bridleless Riding

One of two areas of your horsemanship that tests your relationship, connection, and foundation. Bridless riding is like liberty, the horse has freedom and free-choice. Like liberty, you begin slow and with small steps and requests. If something isn't working, you fix it on the ground.

Trail Riding & Taking Off-site

The last area of your horsemanship that tests your relationship, connection, and foundation. You should be able to ride away from the barn, out alone and in a group and trailer to other destinations safely and with connection. You should have at least 75% of your horse connected to you when you begin this. It takes time so the more you do it and do it right, the better it will get.