Tao of Horsemanship Training System

Caroline’s approach to training and horsemanship is holistic and multi-dimensional and includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of both the person and horse’s well-being. 

Caroline offers 8 core training modules within her training system. Each module is part of her core training curriculum for both people and horses.


The modules specialize in developing self-awareness, the spiritual connection between horse and human, balance of joy, relationship and discipline in the work, confidence, biomechanics and balanced riding.

8 Training Modules

  1. Mindfulness & Spirituality
    a. Becoming self-aware while developing spirituality in your horsemanship  

  2. Understanding Horses
    a. Learn how to read, understand, connect and communicate effectively 

  3. Liberty
    a. Developing the relationship
    b. Developing the mindset
    c. Developing the embodiment of:
           i. Intention
           ii. Energy
           iii. Connection
           iv. Joining in mind, body & soul
    d. Developing the close work in the round pen (1st of 3 Lunging Styles)
    e. Developing play
    f. Developing upper level movements through play

  4. Groundwork
    a. Basic handling
    b. Work in hand

  5. Lunging
    a. Biomechanics of correct movement
    b. Embodiment of movement
    c. Developing cardio, stretch and straightness (2nd of 3 Lunging Styles)
    d. Strength building
    e. Balance (3rd of 3 Lunging Styles)
    f. Self-carriage
    g. Collection

  6. Arena
    a. Permission to mount
    b. Pre-flight for safety
    c. Rider body awareness check 

  7. Suppling and contact
    e. Embodiment of movement, riding with mind and energy awareness
    f. Purpose of the Warm-up
    g. Arena exercises to further develop collected movement

  8. Obstacle Work
    a. The test
    b. When to school

  9. Trail Riding
    a. The test
    b. When to school

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