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Art of Connected Riding® Clinics

Riding with the Whole Horse in Mind, Body, & Soul

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Merging the Worlds of Horsemanship

Caroline’s Art of Connected Riding Clinics merge the worlds of Classical Dressage, Reining and the Art of Horsemanship. Her clinics break down the many necessary building blocks to achieving oneness between horse and rider and in mind and movement. Each clinic focuses on teaching both horse and rider how to connect, and stay connected, mentally and physically and in relationship when working together. This level of mind, body and soul engagement not only creates the mindset necessary for partnership it creates the level of lightness, harmony and fluidity in movement we all seek when riding.

Techniques to Develop Harmonious Riding

Caroline has specific exercises, techniques and approaches designed to develop harmonious riding between horse and rider. Exercises and techniques include, but are not limited to: Caroline's Lunging Method for Strength, Balance, Collection and Self-carriage, Problem-solving, Balanced and Centered Riding, Bit-less and Bareback Riding, Light Contact and Hands, Suppling and Leg Yield Patterns and Exercises, Reining Patterns that develop Responsiveness, Rhythm and Relaxation and Group Trail Riding and/or Obstacle Course Schooling. 

Participation Costs:

All clinics are customized and based upon location and number of participants. Please email: clinics@taoofhorsemanship.com to discuss further. 


Auditor Cost: 

All costs are based upon location and number of participants. Please email: clinics@taoofhorsemanship.com to discuss further.


Horse Lease:
All costs are customized. Please email: clinics@taoofhorsemanship.com to discuss further.

Minimum of four participants required.

What's Included in a Clinic?

The following is included in all clinics and workshops:

Caroline's teaching style includes outdoor classroom time where she covers the principles, theory, science and experience of the material covered in the clinic course. Handouts and videos may be used to further explain the material being covered.


Group Instruction
Caroline keeps her clinics small, ranging from 4-6 students.  Students will experience the benefits of community, group and personal immersion and one-on-one coaching and instruction with Caroline.


Private Instruction
One-on-one coaching is provided throughout the group clinic.  


Caroline demonstrates, how the exercise should look, with either one of her horses or a student’s horse. This helps to train the student’s eye so they know what to work towards.


Simulation Exercises
Simulation exercises provide an opportunity to practice skills with each other, building competence and confidence.


Group discussions are important to the learning process and encourage students to share in experiences. Caroline will bring up certain aspects of the work and learning process throughout the group instruction, promoting group discussion.


Study Guides
All but the Private Lesson clinic come with study guides or workbooks.

Daily Itinerary

Clinics begin 9am sharp in designated area and run until 5pm, with a 1-2 hour lunch break. Caroline gives a lot of information and problem-solving tips throughout the day and recommends brining a notebook for classroom time and for taking notes in general. 

Upcoming Riding as One Clinics

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