Art of Connected Riding® – Intro Clinic Details

Intro Clinic Details

Clinic focuses on developing the following in you:

• Deepening the relationship in mind, body and soul between you and your horse through specific exercises
• Developing feel and timing in your horsemanship
• Light hands and contact
• Developing confidence, leadership skills and learning how to be safe
• Reading your horse and understanding behavior
• Developing balance, rhythm and independent seat
• Mind-body congruency and communication
• Developing your mind and body as a natural aid to connect and communicate with your horse
• Understanding purpose of supporting aids
• Problem solving strategies and skill sets

Clinic focuses on developing the following in your horse:

• The mindset of focus and discipline
• The 3 “R’s”: responsiveness, relaxation, rhythm
• Confidence, courage and/or bravery
• Caroline’s “acceptance and permission to get on” from your horse
• Great ground and riding connection, control and respect
• Emotional and physical agility
• Relaxation, Rhythm and Regularity in transitions and gaits
• Acceptance of contact
• Suppling and flexion
• Balance and self-carriage when lunging and riding

Tao of Horsemanship Equine Education & Behavior Center

19950 SW 5th Place Dunnellon FL 34431