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Should I purchase the DVD’s or the MasteryMembership™ Program?

While the DVD’s are a great place to begin learning Caroline Beste’s Tao of Horsemanship Method to training horses and people, the online training courses offer you a more in-depth, comprehensive, step-by-step curriculum to follow. 


Both the DVD Series, Volume I and II, and the Online MasteryMembership™ Program follow Caroline’s apprenticeship program for students and foundation training program for horses. And, the MasteryMembership™ is far more comprehensive, offering over 500 step-by-step instructional videos, bonus clinic footage, practice sheets, supplemental reading materials, webinars, discussion board and online community. 


If you are looking for a more comprehensive, step-by-step training curriculum we recommend beginning with the MasteryMembership™ Program. Each course offers a more in-depth approach to theory, concepts, principles, insight, secrets, technique, approach, specific practices and problem solving, all rolled into step-by-step instructional videos.

Please click here for MasteryMembership™ details and costs: https://www.taoacademy-horse-training-courses.com/mastery-membership-landing-page.

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Welcome to Tao of Horsemanship's DVD Store!  If you are new to Caroline's methods, or if you just need some help choosing which DVDs are right for you, please CLICK HERE to see an outline of where to begin... or, where to go next! 


If, after reviewing the Where to Begin? page, you are still uncertain as to which DVDs are right for you, please email us at support@taoofhorsemanship.com and we will offer additional guidance.






MacPherson Bareback Pad - Heavy Duty Trainer

This is the best bareback pad out there! Unlike most pads, this pad offers the best features for both horse and rider!

The MacPherson Bareback Pad allows you to connect to the horse's back (feel the horse's back). It also conforms to each horse and rider's unique shape. This is a very important safety issue as you will not have the level of riding safety if you are not sitting on your balance point. Another safety feature is the leather strap across the wither area that connects to the D ring on each side. The leather strap not only helps to keep the pad in place (over the lower part of the horse's wither), connecting to the D ring on each side helps to pull the pad down, securing it in place once cinched. I also recommend leather cinches vs nylon because leather is more flexible and adheres better.

This pad is also made to sit high and over the wither area of your horse. Unlike a saddle, bareback pads give and allow the horse's shoulder area to move freely. It is important that the bareback pad sits up high on the wither so the leather strap is at the bottom of the wither (for reference, please see photos). This position not only is most comfortable for your horse (keeps pad securely in place), it puts you on your balance point by tilting your pelvis back.

If you are concerned with the level of your horse's comfort and are questioning the thickness of this pad, please don't worry. I have used this pad for 10 years and have never caused a sore back, rub marks or discomfort of any kind. The horse will feel your seat bones and as long as you are sitting on your balance point, and moving with the horse, you will not be sore nor will you cause soreness.

NOTE: This pad is stiff when first purchased and will eventually conform to your seat and the horse's back within 30 days of riding.

MacPherson Bareback Pads are handcrafted in the USA and can be customized in the following areas:

  • Color (black, brown, and tan for $229; additional fee for colors)

  • Western Dees or English Billets

  • Leather Color (Latigo - brown, or black)

  • Saddle Bag Dee Rings (additional cost)

PLEASE NOTE:  You will be redirected to our affiliate's website to complete your purchase of Bareback Pads.  MacPherson Custom Leather sells and ships the Bareback Pads, typically within seven-to-ten business days.  Please allow additional shipping time for colors. 

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