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Connect. Grow. Become.

Deepen your connection, accelerate your learning, and become one with horses 
in everything you do together.

New subscriber? 

Caroline’s library offers hundreds of real-time, full-length (30-60 minute) horse-human developmental training videos that are packed full of knowledge, expertise, and holism – development for the whole horse and rider.


Video lessons are categorized per topic below and there is a search button.

  • Accidents, Fear & Rebuilding Confidence

  • Bitless, Balanced Rider

  • Biomechanics & Balanced Horse

  • Clinics

    • 1-Day Power of Connection Symposium – Healing Anxiety in Horses – Coming soon!

    • 2-Day Riding as One Clinic

    • 3-Day Connection & Communication Workshop

  • Debunking & Myths

  • Developing the Relationship

  • Everything Horses & More! Podcasts

  • Holistic Horse Care

  • Liberty Training

  • Pre-purchase & How to Assess

  • Problem Solving & Trauma

  • Short Courses

    • Developing Young Horses

    • Problem Solving Course – ground to riding series

    • Rehabilitating the Traumatized Riding Horse – 3 different horses

    • Starting Under Saddle – Budhar’s First Ride

  • Spirituality of Horsemanship

  • Teaching & Learning

  • Tips for beginner Riders

  • Training & Foundation

  • Understanding Horses



If you have questions about this video library, please email them to me at:


Enjoy, and may you always be one with your horse!


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