Hello Beautiful Riders!

Like you I love everything about horses, especially riding as one. I always wanted that magical relationship with my horse, just like Alec Ramsay and the Black Stallion shared. 

Like you I found traditional handling, training and thinking about horses to be frustrating and most of all discouraging. I knew in my heart there was a better way to learn for me and my horse. It’s because of this desire I was motivated to find a better way and what led me to ask two life-changing questions: “What keeps happening to my relationship with my horse during training that makes us both unhappy?” and “Why wasn’t the training process more compassionate and designed to work best for me and my horse?”

While I was searching for those answers, I began figuring things out on my own, and believe me, I made every mistake possible along the way. However difficult, what made this long and arduous journey so invaluable were the many learning opportunities disguising themselves as mistakes. Without those mistakes I would not know what I know today.

Caroline Rider

Now it is my mission to help you achieve the relationship and ride of your dreams with your horse.  I promise to not only help you learn how to work best with your horse, I promise to deliver results that give you the answers you have been searching for. 

I have created the most comprehensive, unconventional and progressive training curriculum out there. One that not only teaches you and your horse how to be one in mind, movement and heart during your learning together, but a method that works for each and every individual. See, learning correctly and with confidence isn’t just about knowing your A, B, C’s, it’s about how you learn and feeling good about your learning process – that what makes or breaks a student and their horse, being confident or not during the process.

My training method was specifically designed for you and your horse. It’s as good for the inside as it is for the outside and takes you from start to finish, creating the riding partner of your dreams. This training curriculum is also where I begin with each-and-every horse – no matter what discipline, experience, breed or age and where you will learn how to develop the most solid and safest relationship and ride. The most powerful benefit of my training method is my intuitive approach to training and my level of expertise. In addition, you can count on me sharing all my relationship training, and riding as one, secrets with you throughout the entire training process!

I continually receive great feedback from students about the way I teach and explain the many important aspects to training, including theory, principles, correct building blocks and problem-solving. My students feel happy, inspired and most of all empowered with the results they learn. This is because I am not just a trainer or instructor. I am your personal coach and riding as one expert with a concentration in balanced and centered riding. I am also a classical horsemanship instructor with a background in reining and dressage, an equine behavior expert and diagnostician, relationship specialist and performer. This means I have the know-how and experience necessary to get you the results you are looking for and in any situation.

You now have an amazing opportunity to embark on a life-changing journey here with me and all my teachers, my horses.

Here’s to our new journey together and your dreams coming true!

Caroline Volandt-Beste