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Spirituality of Horsemanship Workshop 2024-05

May 24-26, 2024

Spirituality of Horsemanship Workshop 2024-05


May 24-26, 2024






Caroline Beste


19950 SW 5th Pl, Dunnellon, Florida, USA

Florida, USA (May)

Do the Tao Now & Become One with Horses 

Learn how to connect, align, synchronize, and flow with horses through heart coherence, chakra balancing and the power of intention.

Be prepared for a life-changing experience working with energy and horses as your co-facilitators!


Work with world renowned energy and horse specialist, Caroline Beste, as she and her co-facilitators (personal horses) show you how to be one in mind (thought), heart (coherence) and body (movement).

This workshop is the foundation of Caroline’s method and where she will teach you her holistic approach to training, beginning with her signature horse-human developmental process, Spirituality of Horsemanship.

Caroline’s Spirituality of Horsemanship is deeply rooted in Eastern Medicine and healing modalities, beginning with attunement, meditation, and energy embodiment exercises for both horse and human – exercises done together.

While Caroline will be your guide and your coach during this workshop, her personal horses will be your co-facilitators, teaching you about the power of energy, intention, and heart coherence.

These practices are so powerful they will not only transform you and your horse from the inside out, but they will also teach you both how to work in harmony, providing you with a foundation that will continue to strengthen in heart, mind, and body connection – in everything you do together.

This process is not only transformational, but also a roadmap to your authentic self AND becoming the best friend, leader and partner your horse needs to want to be with you and work with you. 

In addition, you are learning Caroline’s formula for rehabilitation, healing, and recovery for both horses and people.

Energy balancing is a key focal point of this workshop and the gateway to accessing you and your horse’s potential, holistically, naturally, and organically. Due to the intimate nature of working with energy balancing, this workshop is not open to the public and only six participants are accepted.



Friday Evening: 

  • 6-9pm meet and greet and introduction

  • Light Hors D'oeuvres, wine, beverages

  • Light preparation for the workshop

Saturday & Sunday Itinerary and What’s Included 

  • 9-5pm workshop both days, rain, or shine

  • Private, retreat atmosphere

  • Workbook and study guide

  • Refreshments, snacks, and lunch 

  • Classroom, group, and individual instruction, experiential learning, meditation, simulations, and embodiment practices

  • Heart-mind-body guided exercises that are applicable for everyday life and horsemanship

  • Specific liberty, ground and lunging exercises designed to strengthen heart-mind-body connection, congruence and communication

  • Creating a sacred, intimate space for deep connections with horses, healing, and personal growth 

  • Hands on work with Caroline and her personal school masters who will be co-facilitating the transformational process

  • Community of like-mind who value and respect the wisdom of the horse

Click here for Dunnellon area ACCOMMODATIONS for your visit!


Taking Limited Registrations

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