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Masterclass Courses

Anything worth having in life is worth working for. You and your horse’s education are worth the time, commitment, and future investment.

These best-selling Masterclass Courses address a wide variety of challenges, in a comprehensive, step-by-step manner with support resources included. Join thousands of students world-wide who are on the journey to holistic and natural horsemanship!

Caroline is an expert in her industry, producing top-level online training courses for all level riders and horses.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, coming back to horses or experienced, Caroline’s courses offer a learning experience that is parallel to none. For starters, her teaching style is genuine, and her communication skills clear and compelling. Her content is deeply layered, and constructed with fundamental elements, masterful skill, and nuggets of wisdom. These are just some of the qualities that make her Tao of Horsemanship methodology to teaching diversified, universal, and proven to work for all horses and people.


Most Popular online Courses!

Create the deepest connection with your horse using the power of relationship, energy, and movement and become one in liberty and the art of lunging. 

This course is designed to work for all horses. Does not include riding.
Spirituality Course
Groundbreaking (1).png
Learn how to ride natural, connected, bitless, balanced, and in total harmony with your horse!

This course is for any equestrian who wants  to learn how to ride, start their young horse's foundation, improve their riding skills or refine their performance horse.
Bitless Course
A transformational training system designed to teach you how to develop you and your horse together, as one, from the inside out, ground to riding, start to finish, rehab to recovery,
beginner to pro.
The program is designed to work for all horses and humans, and includes a step-by-step curriculum with 12 courses, over 500 video and written lessons. It also includes both the Spirituality Course and Holistic Horse Care 101.
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MMP Program Course
Learn to re-start your young horse using Caroline’s proven and mindful approach, groundbreaking techniques, tips, and problem solving strategies. 

This course is designed to work for any horse, especially those with challenges and trauma.
ReTraining Young Sq.png
Re-Training Young Horse
Lando - bonding 2 - square.jpg
Groundbreaking (1).png
Learn quiet, fear-free, stress-free approaches to taming, gentling, rehabilitating, and creating rapport with wild horses. 

This course is designed to work for any horse, especially those with challenges and trauma.
Wild Mustang Course
A holistic, common sense and affordable approach to your horse’s health, care & well-being.

This course has been proven by Caroline and is designed to work for any horse.
Screenshot (15).png
Holistic Horsecare Course

Learn from the Beste!

Experience the Magic of Learning, through online courses designed

with you and your horse in mind!

There are three reasons why people balk at learning online:

  1. Online learning is intimidating and boring. 

  2. Is it really going to work?

  3. I do better in-person.

When I designed my online courses, I kept this in mind, and I studied everything there was about learning styles and teaching.

While my courses are jampacked with layers of education, expertise, and holism, they are also easy to follow and apply – if you know how. The key is learning how to learn and learning what to do.

In my study, and personal experience, most of us don’t know how to learn. We get easily bored, distracted, overwhelmed and discouraged.

To make matters worse, we are stereotyped into believing that we have a specific learning style and can only learn one way. That's not true.

Traditionally, learning has been categorized into four learning styles or modes called VARK: visual, auditory, read/written, and kinesthetic. Most equestrians would agree that they are visual learners and/or kinesthetic learners.

An example would be being told you are a visual learner, thus you only learn things that require you to watch or observe. Because of this, you don’t engage, or strengthen, your other faculties or learning modes.

If you were a true visual learner, you would not need my help with your horse, or anyone else’s help for that matter. You would be able to watch one lesson, or video, and master the exercise.

For most of us, this isn’t our reality and we need constant in-person lessons, reassurance and skill building exercises to build our confidence and courage.

I’m here to tell you that you will get 100 times more out of my online courses than
a years’ worth of weekly lessons.

All you have to do is apply yourself and learn how to learn. This is easier than you think, and I will teach you how.

In the end, we need help to learn how to be good learners.

My courses are designed to do just that. They are designed a specific way that encourages you to engage all your faculties, learning modes and senses. 

In addition, every course has a curriculum, a step-by-step process, that works on the whole horse and person, one building block at a time. 

This is what creates a foundation in your education, progression, and success.

Should you need a little help along your way, here are the top ten qualities that help students learn well: discipline; focus; passion; time management; motivation; organization; persistence; responsibility; self-discipline; love of learning.

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