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Chinese horse painting

Tao of Horsemanship

The Way to All Things Possible with Horses

2,500 years ago, Taoists were training horses in a natural way and encouraged simplicity in working with the intrinsic nature of the horse.

They believed that when we impose our will on the horse and without consideration for what is inherently best, we will damage its intrinsic character, its authenticity, it’s spirit.

​Welcome to the Tao of Horsemanship. A way of Being and working with the horse’s nature, needs and language.


The Tao of Horsemanship’s method to training people and developing horses is deeply rooted in the Taoist philosophy of simplicity, patience, compassion, and harmony.

The method is unparallel in its holistic approach and training system, teaching riders how to develop the relationship and ride of their dreams with horses so they can be one and ride as one – in heart connection, thought and movement.

It’s founder, Caroline Beste, not only brings a lifetime of study, practice and experience restoring and developing thousands of horses, she incorporates the following four universal and proven practices into her methodology: Taoism, Tai Chi, Classical and Evidence-based Horsemanship.


When combined, these modalities teach horse owners how to develop horses naturally, mindfully, consensually, and stress-free from the inside out, ground to riding, start to finish, rehab to recovery, novice to grand prix.
Caroline Grounding Herself With Horses
Tao of Horsemanship. Method

Consensual Partnership

The Way to Be and Work with Horses

There is nothing more magical or spiritually fulfilling for me than teaching my students how to ride as one with their horse – bitless, bridle less and bareback.


Their horse’s desire to be and work with them, grant them permission to ride and keep them safe is made possible through a deep and mutually fulfilling relationship that’s based on love, trust, respect, and consent.

Combined with the Tao philosophy of compassion, patience and harmony, these qualities forge the foundation of my signature training system, Consensual Partnership Training for Horses & People.
Caroline Riding With Three of Her Horses
Consenual Partnershp
Riding Bitless Balenced and Bareback

Tao Training System

Training for the Whole Horse & Rider

The Tao of Horsemanship training system is designed to teach you how to develop you and your horse together and on a holistic level where the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical merge and unify.

Unlike most training, where the person is taught to train only the horse, the Tao system focuses on you both, teaching you everything you need to develop together and in true, and consensual partnership. 

As a practicing Taoist I have discovered an amazing way of Being and working (doing) with horses that has surpassed my wildest dreams, and horsemanship goals. Over the years, I’ve taught thousands of students and their horses how to achieve the relationship and ride of their dreams with their horse using my training system and method. 

Now it’s your turn to learn how!

Taoist Philosophy

Taoist Philosophy

Awaken. Transform. Empower. 

Five hundred years before the birth of Jesus, a God-realized being named Lao-tzu in ancient China dictated 81 verses, which are regarded by many as the ultimate commentary on the nature of our existence. 

The classic text of these 81 verses, called the Tao Te Ching or the Great Way, offers advice and guidance that is balanced, moral, spiritual, and always concerned with working for the good.
Engery Work With Horses
Sprituaity of Horsemanship

Spirituality of Horsemanship

Path to Conscious Horsemanship

Spirituality helps us to heal our consciousness through self-development. It provides the tools and techniques for the process of reflection used to empower individuals to honestly review and learn from their own experiences. 

This is about learning from self and having the courage to own what we feel and create.

Horses are masters at living authentically, intuitively and through heart intelligence. We can learn so much from them when we engage with them and in a way that allows their natural wisdom to guide us and show us our way.


Would you like to learn how to develop a more spiritual life and create spirituality in your horsemanship?

Attunement & Intuition

Listen, The Answers are Inside of You
“The main reason intuition is so important is this: It is a clear sign that you are connecting with your inner spiritual guidance system. Intuition is a direct signal from your deepest self that you are navigating from your true center.”
~ Gay Hendricks

Horses are masters at living authentically and intuitively. They have one main advantage; they don’t live in their ego. 

Even though we are driven by ego, we can learn how to live an authentic and intuitive life, and it will take skills, practice, and awareness. 

All is right with the world when our soul is navigating and leading the way. Life is easier, effortless and we feel a great sense of alignment and inner peace.


Part of our journey to this state of conscious Being is learning how to choose the path of least resistance. When we are filled with compassion and self-assuredness, no longer doubting ourselves, or creating inner and outer conflict, the path to least resistance is clear, easy, and effortless.

Choosing the path of least resistance is a state of higher consciousness. Ego is put aside as we tune in and allow our higher self to be our GPS system, aligning us with empathy, compassion, emotional intelligence, and agility. 

Learning to trust and listen to our inner compass - our intuition is how we connect to our inner spiritual guidance system. This is where the magic happens, and when everything flows and falls into place.

Are you ready to live intuitively every day and feel the magic of ease, flow, and peace with all relationships including your horse?
Student Connecting With Horse
Spirituality of Horsemanship
Attunement & Intuition
Connection Through Horse's Heart

Entrainment & Synchronicity

Aligning Energy, Heart & Intention

Partnering with horses on the multi-dimensional realm of 5D consciousness is how we live from our heart’s wisdom, access intuition, and create a consensual and magical relationship and riding as one with horses.

Through energy practices, somatic experiences and a deep and connected relationship with our horse, we learn how to access this powerful, enlightened state of Being and transformation.

Learning how to connect this way is a total game-changer and will positively change the way your horse responds to relationship, connection, 2-way communication, and working with you.

Heart Intelligence

The Deepest Connection
“Your mind has the intellect to lift the world, your heart has the wisdom to better the world, and your soul has the genius to elevate the world.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

“When we’re engaged with our hearts, the mind slows down and our thoughts become more rational and focused” ― Doc Childre

Your heart is intimately involved in how you think, feel, and respond to the world. It is both physical and spiritual and possesses its own intelligence. When heart intelligence is engaged, it can connect and communicate with your entire Being - your emotions, brain, and body providing clarity, congruency, and coherence.

By consciously engaging and strengthening our heart intelligence, we can shift from separation to ourselves and others to cooperation, coherence, connection, harmony, peace, and well-being.


Would you like to learn heart-based techniques and guidelines for living from the heart, and living a life with purpose and fulfillment?
Caroline Connecting Deeply With Horse
Two Horses Connecting

Equine Nature & Nurture

Shaping the Experience

Horses are a perceptive, highly attuned sentient being. They are attuned to everything around them, including the energy of our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

This is what makes them both majestic and challenging. Their level of alertness and spirited response to their surroundings can make them quite expressive in their gait and dangerous to control and manage at the same time.

As a leading expert in equine emotional intelligence, instincts, and behavior, it’s important that we understand our horse’s behavior first so we can identify how they process information and make decisions.


Changing our horse’s reaction from a disconnected, fearful one into a calm, connected and confident one begins with knowing the difference between normal and abnormal behavior in horses.
Entrainment & Synchronicity
Heart Intelligence
Equine Nature & Nurture


The Truth of Your Relationship

Altruism is when we act to promote someone else's welfare, even at a risk or cost to ourselves. 

Animals are altruistic. Evolutionary biologists determined that an animal's behaviors are altruistic when they benefit other individuals, even to the potential detriment of themselves. 

Would you like your horse to take care of you, protect you and keep you safe?
Caroline Riding Horse With Dog
Caroline and Her Horse Smokey

Caroline Beste

Founder, Teacher & Experiential Guide

Caroline Beste is an International Clinician, Equine Relationship Specialist, Working Equitation Instructor, and Rehab and Riding Foundation Master. 

Caroline is globally recognized for her holistic and classical approach to training for the whole horse and rider.


For almost two decades, she has brought her highly successful methods to thousands of horses and people from varying disciplines and backgrounds, helping them develop the relationship and ride of their dreams with horses.

What makes Caroline’s method so successful is her infusion of holism, classical training, and evidence-based practices.

Caroline Beste

Meet the Herd

The Teachers

Legend’s Legacy

I'll remember that moment the rest of my life. If you never believed in reincarnation, you would after you witnessed what me, my mom and dad witnessed together the day Legend took Brandy’s last breath.


Click here for Brandy’s story.

Caroline and Her Her of Horses
Meet the Herd


Tao of Horsemanship Student and Horse

Student Stories

When Experience Exceeds Expectations

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

Teachers appear in many forms. They can be people, animals, experiences, situations, circumstances, and subtle moments.


Click here to read about the magic Caroline’s students have experienced, and achieved, during their learning journey with their horses.
Student Stories
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