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Much of the way we think about ourselves is gained through distorted information we accumulate from our culture and our mundane lives. Sadly, these misconceptions regarding our essential nature have caused many to develop poor habits that deny them an opportunity to experience true spiritual awakening.

To better understand self, one must become familiar with the multiple dimensions of our being and the intelligent energy that works through these dimensions of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical self. This understanding will lead to embodiment, realizing the divine self within, and then manifesting it in our physical form. The enlightened self is able to make use of this power for healing, personal growth, and experiencing a better connection with the creative source.

This path of self-discovery begins with accepting and engaging the multi-dimensional self and the energy that moves through it. The physical body is made of the same matrix of energy that surrounds and composes all matter. We are part of a quantum field that is present everywhere with the potential to manifest as a material substance or the energy around it. 

All physical matter is simply a more dense concentration of this energy field. Because all matter including ourselves is connected, we are able to affect, and to be affected by, one another and the whole of the universe.

The individual consciousness is able to engage the essential energy of all creation for a wealth of personal power. This empowerment allows us to create the life that we desire and the ability to be more responsible for our own health. The power that is being referred to is called Chakra energy. This energy, power, can be found within our Chakra System.

the chakra system


Chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning circle or wheel.

The term “chakra” means wheel or circle in the Classical Sanskrit language.

Originating in Ancient India, there are many philosophical and energetic concepts that describe the human chakra system. For thousands of years, the idea of the chakras has been an integral part of many spiritual, energetic, religious, and personal disciplines.

Theories of this energetic system relate to the timeless concept that the mind and body are actually a single integrated unit. This is known as “namarupa,” sometimes referred to as the “body-mind.”

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