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Learn how to develop
heart-mind-body congruence and
Chakra energy balance to achieve oneness with horses.



This is a supportive and inclusive community for individuals at all stages of their horsemanship and spiritual journey. Whether you're a seasoned equestrian, practitioner or just starting out, this course is a space for you to explore, learn, and grow.

Here, we delve into the practices of meditation, Tai Chi, breathwork and embodiment, sharing insights, experiences, and resources to help each other deepen our understanding and enhance our practices. We believe in the transformative power of these disciplines not only for personal growth but also for cultivating peace and harmony in our lives and with all our relationships, including our horse.

In this course, you'll find engaging podcasts, over 100 guiding and step-by-step video lessons, and a plethora

of written material related to the practices presented. I encourage students to share their personal stories, reflections, and challenges, in the comments and open forum, so we can learn and grow together.

I value respect, kindness, and open-mindedness in our interactions. We're all here to seek wisdom, so let's support each other on this amazing journey of enlightenment, clarity, ease, and oneness.

May you always be one with horses.



Our Story...How It All Began

This course is dedicated to all the horses out there, who like Sundance, got a really bad start in life and needed that special someone to show them how to heal from their pain, trust again and choose partnership with humans.
connection with horses spirituality of horsemanship
Connecting with horses in heart (relationship), mind (reading your thoughts) and body (moving together as one) is the most amazing experience ever!

My dapple gray mare Sundance, who is in this photo, was just one (and one of the most special) connections I've ever known.

Sundance was one of the most dangerous and challenging horses to work with. Like so many she was used, misused, and misunderstood, and at an early age.

By the time she was 3 she was broken, angry, violent, and impossible to touch let alone ride. When the rescue called me to come get her, I was her last hope. She was going to be euthanized because she had attacked, and injured, several volunteers including children.

I gave her a year off so she could be a young horse and during this time I gradually, consistently and lovingly showed her how to trust again and feel safe around people.

That's what this course is going to teach you and so much more!

In addition to learning how to become one with your horse - in mind, movement and relationship, the spirituality aspect of this course works on you and with you, teaching you the many aspects, and subtle nuances, of heart-connection, congruency, conscious leadership, relationships and working in harmony with horses.

The secrets to my success with horses are founded on three core principles: relationship, regulation, and flow. There is one universal principle that connects all three, energy.

Horses are masters at sensing, connecting, and using energy. Their nervous system is hardwired to receive and process energy frequencies for survival. This is what makes them one of the most sophisticated prey animals, their ability to "feel" the subtle changes in energy through their body and like a barometer, they understand and reflect the changes they feel.

Energy is also part of their subtle, non-verbal language and how they silently connect and communicate with each other. It's how they choose friends and partners too. Like the law of attraction, like energy attracts like. When a wild horse wants to be accepted into a new herd, they will find the horse most like them and mirror them at a distance until the horse they are mirroring accepts them and invites them in.

This is what I refer to as finding flow and choosing the path of least resistance when developing relationships and partnerships with horses. This course will teach you all about this, the language of Equus, so you can attune and communicate as they do, easily, clearly, and congruently in heart, mind, and body connection.

This is the secret “glue” I often talk about in my videos that binds the two of us so we can be one in everything we do together. It's also how we develop a bond so strong our horses will want to be with us, take care of us, choose to work with us and protect us like their own.

In addition to learning this way of Being, connecting, and communicating with our horse, you will learn how to work with your horse holistically, from the inside out, developing them from the ground up and in a way that works best for them. This means you will learn your horse, its needs, personality, fears, triggers, and potential.

If this sounds too good to be true, trust me, it isn't. Just look at my Youtube videos for student testimonials and my connection with the horses I partner with. You can see the pure love, connection, communication, and willing partnership I have with my horses, and every horse I've touched and had the honor to work with.

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Sundance _ C cantering V2.jpg

This level of connection will allow you to communicate subtly, using the power of your heart and mind, joining it with another being, your horse – in everything you do together.


"I was always struggling with horses in some way and nothing else was helping until I found Caroline and her course. It is a truly magical experience!

This program has changed everything for me and my horse training! It begins with your mindset and teaches you how to Be and when to do, feel and timing, relationship and energy and how to truly develop mind, body and soul in everything you do together.” Mette Johansen, Norway


"Chapter 2: Language of Equus"

It's so hard to know where to begin or the words to use as it covers so many aspects of who we are and what we will become. What are horses will become when we are with them "this way". Intuition. Energy. Chakras. Grounding.Intension. Purpose. "Listening". In-tune. Attunement. No agenda.

Not emotionally attached. In the moment. 


What really stood out for me as I review, is what a tough cookie my mare Bella is and how similar she is

to Sundance (who we will all miss- my heart aches for you Caroline. Seriously. These are not empty words). I think most mares are tough cookies. Bella is very connected with me. BUT.... in the work she can become irritated as well. We can do liberty work OUTSIDE of the round pen now. That is how connected we are now Caroline. Thank you for your guidance.


Because of your teachings, I am more aware of my body, my first 4 chakras, my chi, and have delved deeply into the language of Equus and how they not only read our body, but our intention and our emotions. As you explain and show well, connecting energetically and through the body is a dance and needs to be beautiful and fluid. Not choppy and stiff, especially if we are going to ride this way.

This way, the "Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship", is just that. Spiritual. Going back to the foundation for connection and communication is important. Always. When searching for a 3rd horse for my husband, your course was so helpful. The knowledge and tools guided me to look for emotional agility in the horse. So so many were shutdown. Shuffled around like pieces of furniture. So heartbreaking. Thank you Caroline for all the love and energy you have put into this course and the MMP." June Lamphier, Texas


About The Course


This course is jammed packed, thorough and layered, offering you a plethora of education, skill building techniques, holistic approaches, solutions and problem-solving strategies. 


When you enroll, you receive immediate access to everything. Each module and lesson is designed to be a foundational building block. For best results, please follow the modules and lessons and do not skip around.


Here's an outline of what's included:

  • Applicable education and lessons for all equestrians!

  • Over 100 step-by-step training videos

  • Tutorial and study guides

  • Audio lesson on chakra's, self-care and why working with horses this way is invaluable and beneficial for both

  • Meditation practices to center and ground you and your horse

  • Energy and embodiment practices so you and your horse learn to feel, think and move as one

  • Qigong, Tai Chi and calisthenics movement, practices and exercises with your horse that teach meditative rhythm and flow

  • Lessons in liberty with your horse in everything you do - from grooming, bathing, tacking, walking to play

  • Caroline's amazing Art of Lunging for balance, self-carriage and collected movement

  • Riding as One™ on the ground - learn to embody and synchronize your horse's rhythm so you can move as one 

  • Holistic problem-solving strategies that work from the inside out

  • Hundreds of recorded Q&A webinars with it's own table of contents

  • Bonuses and so much more!


This course is a process and is designed to teach you how to slow down, practice, test and refine as you develop liberty, ground/online and lunging with your horse. This means you learn how to nurture the relationship while developing the mechanics of your horse's connection and movement on the ground.

Most of all, this course will show you how to allow the relationship to guide the training process, develop connection during training and the power of foundation - foundation means forever.


The exercises have been personally designed by me to work with every type of horse and human and have helped thousands of students worldwide.


The secret to Caroline's groundbreaking method lies in it's holistic approach and knowledge. You will be learning her "secret sauce" to creating the ultimate heart-mind-body connection and unity with horses.

While you learn the power of embodying energy, and balancing chakras, you will be helping your horse heal and recover from trauma while creating self-regulation and flow - in everything you do together. This is refined through Caroline's Art of Lunging methods where connection, regulation, flow and biomechanics become the foundation to Riding as One™ with your horse. 


As you connect with your horse energetically you will learn how to move with them, embodying the rhythm as you develop the movement. This is how Caroline teaches you to ride, from the ground up. She is a true advocate of the horse and emphasizes developing the horse's movement before you ride the movement. This is how you support their emotional and physical well-being and soundness.


And, that's not all! In addition to developing the relationship and movement, you will be developing deep levels of trust, confidence and safety - a level of safety that keeps you and your horse connected and confident!


While this course is the foundation for all things possible with horses it does not include riding. If you are interested in Caroline's Mastery Riding Foundation Program (Spirituality course included), please contact


"If horses could say how they feel when students of Caroline’s method work with them,
they would say one thing…”You finally see me.”

This program has taught me...The relationship is more important than the agenda. The moment is more important than the result. Feeling is more important than thinking. Being is more important than doing. Awareness is not only a word, but a way of being every day. Walking away does not mean failure, it means we need more time.” Julia Slawow-Tonewy, Bulgaria


What's Included

  • Welcome to The Course

  • About Your Instructor

Caroline Beste and herd in Spirituality of Horsemanship Course Page
Meditation image, Chakra in Spirituality of Horsemanship Course Page
About This Course
  • How to Develop Relationship before Mechanics and Foundation -Training, Connection in Mecha

  • Foundation means Forever

Module One Lessons
  • Welcome to the Course!

  • Principles & Theory Introduction

  • Spirituality of Horsemanship Tutorial

  • Introduction to the Spiritual Approach

  • Language of Equus

  • Tuning In - becoming attuned and a tuning fork

  • Approach to Being and Working with Horses

  • Connection and Conversation

  • How to Work with Different Horse Natures

  • Intro into Chakra Energy, Aligning Mind-Body-Soul

  • Review of Week 1 and What to Expect in Week 2

Connection in Spirituality of Horsemanship Course Page
Relationship in Spirituality of Horsemanship Course Page
Module Two Lessons
  • Becoming What Your Horse Needs in the Work 
    and Relationship

  • Continued Strategies

  • Love and Leadership - what it means to be unconditional, objective and clear

  • Preview of Week 3


Module Three Lessons
  • Power of Intention, Energy and Movement

  • Presence and Embodiment

Power of intention in Spirituality of Horsemanship Course Page
Chakra System in Spirituality of Horsemanship Course Page
Module Four Lessons
  • Purpose

  • Power of Our Thoughts, Intention & Embodiment

  • Intuitive Knowledge

  • The Chakra System & How it Works


Module Five Lessons
  • Power & Purpose of Chi Energy

  • Experiential Learning, NLP & Kinesiology

  • Chakras 1 & 4- Grounding and Join Up

  • Chakras 2 & 3- Join-Up Through Movement 

  • From Unity in Liberty to Riding Bridle-less:
    How it
    Connects & Translates

Chi Energy in Spirituality of Horsemanship Course Page
Liberty in Spirituality of Horsemanship Course Page
Level II: Working with Horses in Relationship, 
Mind & Movement 
  • Liberty Lessons: 3 Liberty & Join Up Lessons

  • Lunging Lessons: 5 Free-Lunge, Liberty & Online 

  • Free-lunge Lessons: 2 Change of Direction 

  • Free-lunge & Liberty Lesson: Now we play!

  • Students Lessons: 5 Free-Lunge, Liberty & Online 

Level III: Lunging Broken Down
  • Lunging Styles Overview – PDF tutorials

  • Review & Purpose of Each

  • The Beginning: Close Circle, Connected Lunge

  • Shoulder-in Lunge

  • Straightness Training – Free Lunge

  • Straightness Training – On-line Lunge

Lunging in Spirituality of Horsemanship Course Page
Problem Solving in Spirituality of Horsemanship Course Page
Level IV: Problem-solving Strategies 
  • Beginning the Work (8 videos)

  • Working with Different Natures and Learned Behaviors
    (6 videos)

  • Develop Mental & Physical Agility (2 videos)

  • Re-starting the Riding Horse (7 videos)

  • Nature Vs Learned Behaviors (2 videos)

  • Assessing the New Horse (2 videos)

  • Lunging & Problem-solving continued (2 videos)


"Caroline, deep bow and gratitude for your commitment to your relationship and leadership with horses and your willingness to share so fully and generously. What you are offering here is what I have been actively looking for the last 12 years. I found a little here and a little there but you live what I have been looking for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Nicola, Tanzania, East Africa

There's More! Bonuses

You can watch or listen to each. 

Meditative Practices

5-Day Series, beginning at the origin of feeling safe, at ease and connected within and with horses.


Learn techniques you will use in your daily life - with or without your horses!

Mastery Riding Program

2-years of weekly Q&A.

Check out hundreds of questions from people just like you on a similar journey, and answers from Caroline herself!

Everything Horses & More! Podcasts


Caroline’s shares years of conversations about training, experiences, and advice. Periodically she invited guests who shared their experiences, enlightening and inspiring listeners along the way.

TOHA EHM Podcast - Darkline Brush Script Logo.jpg

Purchase Discovering the Spirituality
of Horsemanship Course

Create the foundation of relationship, regulation and flow in everything
you do with horses!



Immediate and lifetime access!


Foundation means forever.

No more frustration, disappointment, fear or doubt. Foundation gives you a lifetime of joy, enrichment and happiness for you and your horse.

Horse in Pasture
connection and love of horses

About Your Instructor & the Method


Caroline Beste is an International Educator, Equine Advocate, Working Equitation Instructor, and Rehab and Riding Foundation Specialist. She is globally recognized for her holistic, natural, and classical approach to training for the whole horse and rider.

Caroline’s experience working with thousands of unhappy horses and riders motivated her in 2008 to create the first-of-its-kind holistic, and congruent horse-human connection training method called Tao of Horsemanship.

The Tao of Horsemanship is a heart-based, mind-body centered training system designed to develop you and your horse together, so you can be, move and Ride as One™ in true unity.

Ride as One™ teaches riders how to develop themselves so they can ride in complete heart-mind-body connection, congruence, and alignment with their horse. This is the way to all things possible with horses, producing happy, self-regulated, balanced, and deeply connected partnerships.

The success of the Tao of Horsemanship method lies in its complete and thorough training system. The education is comprehensive, and deeply layered, offering a step-by-step training curriculum that is holistically applied, natural to the horse, evidence based and classically principled. 

When woven together these teachings create the elements necessary to develop horses and people to their fullest potential, easily, naturally, and congruently from the inside out, ground to riding, start to finish, rehab to recovery, novice to pro.

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