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Welcome to Caroline Beste, Tao of Horsemanship, video library, where you will learn how to become one with your horse in every way and in everything you do together!

Learn how to truly understand your horse, develop them holistically, work through problems with the right mindset and most of all become one with your horse -  in thought, movement  and heart - connection.

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Are you tired of the same boring and generalized explanations, mechanics, and mindset about training and problem solving?

Ready to dive in deep and learn a new way of being and working with horses that is positive, compassionate, and transformational?


Learn from hundreds of videos on horse care, handling,
training, problem solving and riding.


Liberty, Connection, Collection

Light Hands, Suppling,


Bareback, Balance, Confidence

With your video library membership, you get access to hundreds of full-length, unedited, un-choreographed, and in-depth training videos.

Videos that guarantee proven results. Results that are designed to work best for you and your horse using a holistic, intuitive, and common-sense approach.

In addition to the quality of content provided within each video,
you are learning a training approach that creates awareness,
prevention, and unity with all horses.

BONUS: Short Courses & Clinics

In addition to hundreds of full length, comprehensive training videos,
you receive short training courses and clinic footage.

Everything Caroline produces dives in deep, giving you a plethora
of information, strategies and tips to help you develop and rehabilitate
your horse - from the inside out, ground to riding, pleasure to performance.

Caroline knows horses inside out. From their emotions and how they feel,
to their mental and physical agility, Caroline knows what works best for
the horse and in any situation.

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