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Student Training at Natural Horsemanship Tao Workshop

In-Person Training Experiences

Engage. Connect. Excel.

Deepen your connection, accelerate your learning, and become one with horses through assessments, lessons, workshops, group immersions, and private retreats.

Horse-Human Assessments

Where the Learning Begins

Assessments are required for first time students (horse and human). They allow Caroline to see where both you and your horse are and make the necessary changes needed to set you on the beste path forward.

If you’re stuck, need some direction or tweaking and refinement, an assessment will get you started!

Cost: $450*, max 3 hours. Please click here to pay. * Does not include travel.

Contact to schedule.


Private Lessons

A New Level of Connection & Refinement

Caroline’s expertise offers a wide array of learning opportunities that are sure to exceed your expectations and get you started on the beste path forward with your horse. 


Please click here to pay*.


Contact to schedule a lesson.


*Requirements: Completed a horse-human assessment with Caroline, are a current student of one of the Tao of Horsemanship online courses, or video library.


Tao of Horsemanship Clinics

Do the Tao Now & Become One with Horses

Out with the old and in with the new! No more using traditional training methods to resolve unwanted behaviors or reach your horse’s potential. Everything can be easily obtained through relationship, regulation, and flow.

Learn the emerging science and psychology that is changing the way we think about, care for, handle, train and rehabilitate horses.

Learn why emotions, neuroscience and embodiment are the essence to creating the dream relationship, work ethic, and ride with horses.

Whether a beginner, or advanced student of the horse, you will learn the beste approach needed to take your horse’s relationship and partnership to a whole new level of connection, rapport, and harmony. 


Private & Group Immersions

Customized Personal Learning Experience 

Nestled in Florida’s majestic horse country, the Tao of Horsemanship is one of many scenic horse farms. 

With its stunning sunsets, amazing views, and delightful winter weather it has become a destination for students worldwide. 

The guest cottage offers a luxurious experience. With state-of-the-art amenities and beautiful views, you will feel pampered, relaxed and one with your surroundings.

IMG_5377 (1).JPG

Intuitive Workshop for Women & Horses

Path to Connection, Authenticity & Consensual Partnership with Horses

This heart centered workshop focuses on the core elements every relationship needs: love, bonding, trust, communication, and meaningful connections.

Whether a beginner or advanced student of the horse, you will learn the necessary skills needed to take your relationship and partnership to a whole new level of connection, rapport, alignment and harmony. 

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